Software Project Proposal Templates

What is a software project proposal?

Software projects are initiated by different organizations when they want to get software developed. This proposal is also used when an organization or an individual wants to get approval from an authority for starting a software project.

Any professional person who wants to work on the development and completion of the software project can offer his services by writing a software project proposal. A software project proposal is used by professionals to get approval and for requesting some services. The proposal is a primary way to get a sponsor. It completely depends on the proposal whether you are allowed to start the software project or not.


Why the software project proposal is important?

Many people wonder why they are required to get approval before start working on the software project. A software proposal is very important because it enables them to apply for the funding needed to proceed.

All the support that they need from the start until the end of the project can be requested in the proposal. The software project proposal should be written by defining all the rationale. It should also state the benefits of the project one can avail of as well as the potential issues that the project will be capable of solving.

The software project proposal is different from every project however, the main format is the same.

How to write a software project proposal?

A software project proposal is broken down into six different components. Adding these components to the proposal can help you draft a professional proposal.

  1. Executive summary

This portion of the proposal includes the details about the entire project in a summarized way. Writing the executive summary requires you to give a brief and important introduction of yourself and other members of the team.

  1. Background:

Give details about the background of your company. If you worked on any software project before, tell the reader about it.

  1. Requirements:

This section of the proposal should describe the problems of the client in detail. You should also try to tell how this proposal is going to solve those problems. Also, explain your complete plan in order to solve your problems and the resources that you will need for working on those plans.

  1. Add the timeline:

In the proposal, you should also explain when you will start the project and when it will be finished. This is the most important detail in the proposal. Sometimes, the rejection or the acceptance of the proposal depends on the timeline mentioned in the proposal.

  1. Write the names of applicants:

Mention the names of all the people who are authorized to work on the project you want to work on.

  1. Attach all the documents that will support your proposal.

It should be ensured that you address all the concerns of the client in a comprehensive way and also answer all the questions of the client. These tips can help you write a winning proposal.

Software Project Proposal Template

[Service Providing Company’s Name]
[Name of Service Provider Representative]
[Work Address]

[Client Company’s Name]
[Name of Client Representative]
[Work Address]

March 19, 2019

Dear [Name of Client Representative],

We would like to thank you for meeting with us and sharing your software project requirements for [Client Company’s Name]. We have put together a Software project proposal for your approval. Please feel free to ask any questions.


[Service Providing Company’s Name] is an IT company which develops Software projects. We have been providing software solutions for the past [Number] years to multiple business sectors. Our company is based in the USA, but our services are provided worldwide. Our approach is to capture our client’s business requirements and develop various customized software to meet their business needs.

Proposal for [Client Company’s Name]


Today, every business in the world needs dedicated software to run operations successfully and increase productivity. Data plays a major role in any organization. Our company ensures our customers’ reliability and data security. With a fast-growing business, it becomes extremely challenging to maintain the records of sales, inventory, and taxes, manually. The software provides an automated system that works on a real-time basis for companies. For any business, the software is now a prerequisite to performing day-to-day tasks.


[Client’s Business] is undoubtedly one of the most overwhelming businesses which involve a lot of processes that if done correctly, would ensure the smooth and profitable running of the business. We provide software solutions to help the owners, through automated tools, to run the business smoothly. This lessens the burden of management and provides better sales and good customer service.

Technical Requirements

  • Operating system: [Name of the Required Operating System]
  • Language: [Name]


  • [List of Requirements]


  • [List of Requirements]


The project will take approximately [Time Frame], from the date of confirmation.

The timeline and process steps are listed below:

First Step: week [Number]

Data Analysis

In-depth analysis of the Data.

Second Step: week [Number]


Create and show a demo of the outcome of the software.

Third Step: week [Number]


Software Coding is done.

Fourth Step: week [Number]


Staff training on how to run the software.

Fifth Step: week [Number]


Activating the system and re-training the staff, if needed.

Sixth Step: week [Number]


Checking for any bugs and errors; see if any fixing needs to be done.

Payment Terms

Upon signing the proposal, [Percent Amount] % of the total payment must be deposited.


Our fee for the whole project from the first step to the last one will be $[Total Fee Amount]. The breakdown is provided below:

TRAINING $ [amount]


Warranty & Limitation of Liability

We provide a [Number] days warranty, from the date of acceptance of our software proposal. During this time, if the software malfunctions, or doesn’t operate in any way, then we take the necessary steps to fix the issue and ensure that the Software operates according to the specifications. However, our services remain at your disposal for any future assistance. 

Contact us

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

[add details]

We look forward to hearing from you.


[Service Providing Company’s name]


Software project proposal

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