SPA Services Proposal Template

SPA business is very popular these days. Most people have the habit to enjoy the SPA daily or at least once a week. It enables them to have rest and get rejuvenated in a number of ways when they spend time in the SPA. If you are thinking to be the one who wants to provide SPA services to people, you can open your personal SPA. Being the owner of the SPA can be rewarding and very useful at the same time.

What is the SPA services proposal?

If you want to open a SPA in a locality or you want to provide your SPA services in a SPA, you can write the SPA services proposal. This enables the owner of the SPA to know what kind of services you can provide and how.

Tips for writing the SPA services proposal:

It is very important for every SPA service provider to write a winning proposal that can convince the owner of the SPA to render his services. For this purpose, the following tips can be followed:

  1. Write the executive summary of the proposal. This is the main part of every proposal in which all the details regarding the services that you are capable of providing and how you will provide.
  2. The summary should also include a description of your experience in the field of SPA and other details related to the experience.
  3. The total amount that you expect to get in return after providing SPA services.

Sample Template

It is stated that I have been associated with XYZ services for 2 years. XYZ is a new concept, launched during lockdown to facilitate people and help them in every way. XYZ manages to provide salon and massage services to its customers in the comfort of their own homes and time.

When the pandemic hit, a lockdown was imposed which delayed all the priorities and confined people to their homes. After earning a diploma in health care and essentials, I wanted to set up my own business but couldn’t do so. To maintain a decent livelihood, I joined XYZ and started providing at-home services. All the workers of XYZ attended a course on SOPs and sanitization before starting work.

It functions in a manner that customers contact the Head office and book their appointments. Workers at home are contacted and provided with the address of customers. Workers are all prepared at home with specific kits, hand sanitizers, alcohol washes, and other necessary stuff to keep the contact minimum and avoid the spread of the virus. All the used equipment is rubbed with alcohol and workers are supposed to wear masks.

As the lockdown is easing, I want to start my own business of providing spa services as it has been already late. I have devised a proposal for my business and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval.

Anxiously waiting for your comments


Henry Calvin

A worker at XYZ Services



SPA is a form of treatment through water that imparts health benefits. The use of the word has not yet become common as people are skeptical and often refer to SPA as a salon that provides different treatments. There are many places in the world that uses SPA of mineral water or seawater for treating human health and are categorized under therapy. There are specific SPA resorts that provide specific treatments and also allow you to enjoy exquisite scenes which further helps you in healing physically as well as mentally. Whereas there are many salons that provide spa facilities within the city to help their customers.

The spa is often termed as a non-medical treatment to help in maintaining a healthy body. In addition to spa resorts, there are various other places offering spa treatments such as destination spa, beauty salon, and day spa. Typical treatments included in the spa treatment are mentioned below

  • Massage
  • Ayurveda
  • Haircare
  • Waxing
  • Bathing
  • Facial

At a spa, every customer has their own set of issues and grievances, therefore the treatment is personalized and is a combination of two or three procedures. The spa is different from a regular salon in terms of many approaches as a salon uses non-professional equipment on their customers and it can last for 2-3 hours whereas, at a spa, medical assistance is required for conducting procedures that can last for a whole day by using highly professional equipment to achieve desired results.

Most of the treatments provided at spas and salons are similar as they both strive to provide quality services to their customers but the major difference lies in providing health benefits to the body through spa treatments and imparting physical and mental well-being.


Setting up any business, regardless of knowledge and experience, can be very difficult as it requires effort, patience, and time. A successful business cannot be set up in any measured time as it completes its course in its own time. The long process of setting up requires the fulfilling of following tasks,

  • Looking for an empty building to mold it according to one’s need
  • Hiring a contractor for construction work and other essential chores around the spa
  • Setting up separate rooms for different treatments to confine single treatment to one place
  • Allocating each room according to the requirement of the treatment
  • Purchasing high-quality equipment from trustworthy sellers to accommodate clients in the best manner possible
  • Ordering furniture and other accessories I.e., facial chairs, movable storage racks, and others to place equipment
  • Purchasing top-notch products for application to get superb results
  • Furnishing each room to the highest aesthetics is pleasing and relaxing
  • Hiring staff members with experience in the field to entertain clients
  • Collaboration with professionals to conduct seminars on the importance of self-care and its effects
  • Hiring staff to perform different chores around spa i.e., managing clients, answering queries, providing information, cleanliness of the spa, taking care of salaries of staff, managing reception, making appointments, and others
  • Using marketing strategies to promote the business
  • Making connections at elite parties to increase clientele


Spa places and resorts provide a great getaway for comfort and self-care time. They heal the body in many ways and provide relaxation from worldly affairs. Significance of spa can be deduced from following points,

  • Life is very stressful and keeps you on your toes but seeking refuge in a spa resort for a few hours can prove to be great for your well-being. It heals you physically as well as mentally because various treatments allow you to forget the world and enjoy the time.
  • Spa treatments are known for increasing blood circulation which leads to an increased flow of nutrients to every cell thus, keeps you fresh and proves good for the health
  • Getting a massage done causes the stimulation of the lymphatic system to exude the tiredness causing toxins from the body. It promotes positively on the health and releases serotonin, makes you feel good about yourself
  • Spa treatments have a history of treating various tissues of the body and act as a pain reliever. These ailments may include ligament injuries, muscle spasms, arthritis, and other neurological complaints. Hydrotherapy assists in maintaining balance in submerged water and allow complete relaxation of the body. Tensed muscle and trapped nerves can be easily relaxed by getting a soulful massage that applies pressure on specific points
  • Facials can exfoliate the outermost dead layer of cells and give a fresh, youthful glow. It helps in the regeneration of new facial cells.


SPA services proposal