Special Event Proposal Template

If you are an event planner, you should know that your entire career depends on how you write your special event proposal. The event proposal written by you can either open new doors of opportunities for you or for your competitors to replace you. Writing an efficient event proposal requires you to embody your way of event planning into the vision of the recipient. If you are able to do this successfully, you are more likely to win your customers.

Many businesses often organize special events for promotion or for boosting sales. For example, a clothing brand may want to organize a special event in which the items at discounted prices will be offered. People who work as event planners can make a proposal in which they can offer their services and expertise in the field of event planning. If a winning proposal is written, the proposal gets accepted.

In different businesses, conferences, seminars, and booths are given so much importance as they are considered marketing tools. Such events increase the visibility of the company if they are well-attended.


In order to write a proposal that is acceptable by a business readily, it is important to know what a business wants to achieve. When you want your proposal to be accepted, do some research and try to know the goals of the business. If the company wants the promotion the brand internationally, your proposal should be focused on how you will get it done. Your proposal should be tailored to the needs of the company you are writing to.

The main details that can be added to the proposal include:

  1. Information about your business
  2. Details of the event
  3. Services that will be provided
  4. The cost that will be incurred in the provision of services
  5. Contact details

These details can help you write a winning proposal. However, it should be kept in mind that our proposal also depends on how you describe these components in the proposal. If you are capable of writing a good special event proposal, you communicate the message to your clients that you are capable of working in a professional way.

  1. Try to get the details about the format of the proposal that should be followed. A correct format enhances the professionalism of the proposal.
  2. The proposal should not be too long. It is advisable to not write extraneous details in the proposal that increase its length.
  3. The proposal should include all the details needed by the recipient in order to understand what you are proposing and how you will work to make the business meet its goals.
  4. The proposal should be able to encourage the recipient to accept your offer. For this, give plenty of reasons in the proposal to the recipient to accept your offer.
  5. See the example templates for further understanding

Event Proposal Template

Proposal Prepared for:
(Client’s name)
(Client’s Company name)

Presented by:
(Sender’s name)
(Sender Company)

Company Overview

Under the heading of company overview, the sender company is expected to tell what they are achieving in the said industry and how long it’s been, etc.

(Sender Company) has been helping clients to plan successful events for over (a number of working years). We are based in (Location) and are responsible for managing events for clients. We understand that our successful planning and execution of an event can help our clients in strengthening their brand and in nurturing relationships with existing clients while engaging with new ones. We believe our unique quality of paying attention to the smallest details will help you in making new allies and setting better goals with every event.

(Client Company) EVENT

In this heading, the service-providing company should explain why the receiving company should accept the proposal. The questions of how our services suit their needs the best should be answered here. For example:

You can be assured that we are familiar with and have successfully organized numerous clients in your industry in the recent past. You may check our attached portfolio to see our client’s list and the heat-melting reviews they have left.

We understand how important your next event for you is and so you will find a detailed pricing table below.


Venue Fee   
Staff (per hour/per person)   
Event furniture   
Décor items   
Food (per person)   

Total amount [$amount]

Terms & Conditions

The sender company may include event terms and conditions along. If the receiver company accepts the conditions, they might sign it to make everything clearer.


(Service providers) shall be responsible for handling everything from the planning stage and management-related duties for the event in the discussion.


(Services Receiver Company) is to pay a total of (amount to be paid) for the services received on (date) as decided by both the parties.


If it happens that (service receivers) asks for changes, (Service providers) will make it happen with the best of their efforts. But if (receivers) decides to completely cancel the contract or event or if both the parties agree that changes in such a short time are near impossible then (receiver) is to forfeit its deposit of (deposit amount). The cancellation of event time shall be (number of days) days of the stated event date.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact the below-mentioned person.

Special event proposal template