Sponsorship Proposal Templates

If you are a business and are interested in presenting an offer to pursue business with someone then you may be looking for a way to formally do this. This can be done with the help of a sponsorship proposal.

What is a Sponsorship Proposal?

You should know what a sponsorship proposal is if you plan to make one. A sponsorship proposal can be said to be a formal offer particularly to do business. This should be well presented and have sufficient information present for some company to be able to get a complete understanding of what actually is being offered.

How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal?

You will want to know how to write the sponsorship proposal. It is necessary that you do this properly if you want the sponsor to clearly know what you are aiming for. Below is an explanation:

  • Who is it for– You can start by telling who the proposal is prepared for and who it is prepared by.
  • The event– You need to state the name of the event. You can give the event date and location. You can give information concerning the event telling what it is about. You can state how many people attended it last year. State why it will be better this year. Give the details, times, locations, demographics, etc. of the event. Tell who the people are, how old they are, where did they come from. Mention the people who will manage the particular sponsorship. Also, tell current plus past sponsors.
  • The sponsor benefits– Tell how the event can improve the particular sponsor’s bottom line. What will be the cost and description of the goods or services?
  • The rights holder– Give a brief background that is concerned about the rights holder. You can give the mission statement, experience, any long-term goals. The goals will be based upon your club’s specific strategic business plan.
  • Evaluation– Tell the ways that you will measure any success of the event as well as delivery of promised benefits.
  • Some other considerations– The length of the particular document needs to be proportional to the specific value of the sponsorship. You should aim in keeping this below 10 pages. Any headings that you have should be clear. You should not include items that you will want to be returned. This includes photos, certificates, etc. You should encompass statistical information. This can aid the reader in identifying cost-benefit along with demographic fit. This should be in relation to their very own target audiences.


The advantages of a sponsorship proposal include the following:

  • It helps people have a formal document who are finding ways to pitch some sponsorship deal specifically for an event.
  • It can help the sponsor see the reasons that you have.

Final words:

A sponsorship proposal needs to be clearly made keeping the sponsor in mind. You can consider the above tips when writing this proposal. With the help of a sponsorship proposal template, you can get some idea on how to create this proposal.

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