Sponsorship Proposals

A sponsorship proposal is a document prepared by the person or company seeking sponsorship and is presented to a potential sponsor who may become a marketing partner on a long-term basis as well. This proposal is a critical document as, if not attractive enough, the potential sponsor may not make the deal and would not disburse the sponsorship funds.

Sponsorships are often sought as, usually, it is not easy to bear the complete financial burden of business-related events, business tours, new product researches, or competitions and hence the companies seek sponsors to provide complete or proportional money to support them. The sponsor may agree to provide the funds if it is associated with benefits for him, such as the promotion of his company or products/services.

A sponsorship proposal should be prepared with thoroughness and there are few things that need to be considered while preparing it, such as:

  • It should be formal, professional, and concise.
  • It should serve the purpose of attracting the sponsor to accept it.
  • This document is like a marketing tool for the person or company seeking the sponsorship and hence the details that would convince the sponsor regarding the worth of the deal should be mentioned.
  • Persuasion and reasoning need to be strong.
  • Reliance on one sponsor should be avoided and a backup plan should be in place in case of rejection of the proposal by one potential sponsor.

The included details and the presentation of a sponsorship proposal depend on the purpose of the sponsorship in terms of the type of event, nature, scope, timing, required funds, etc. However, generally, there are few details that are included almost in all the proposals:

  • Details of the person/company offering the proposal.
  • Details of the potential sponsor.
  • Company or personal profile.
  • Purpose of or reason behind the event or its significance.
  • Details of the event, tour, competition, research, or whatever the sponsorship is being sought for including the cost figures and the amount of required sponsorship.
  • Sponsorship packages- usually included if the event is extensive in nature and requires huge funds as well as more than one sponsor.
  • Persuasion and convincing.
  • Benefits to the sponsor.
  • Terms and conditions of the partnership between the event organizer and the sponsor.

If the sponsor deems the proposal worthy of investment (as it is like an investment for the sponsor for benefits like a promotion), he will accept the legally binding proposal, disburse the funds and enjoy the brought along gains. The sponsorship provision might become a continuous process on a long-term basis as well. However, if he rejects the proposal for any reason, the person or company seeking the sponsorship would seek another potential sponsor.

In addition, an event may require one or more sponsors; the number of sponsors required for the event depends on the required sponsorship amount and the scope of the event. Therefore, if more than one sponsor is required for an event, a proposal template can be prepared and modified based on the sponsor’s details and requirements.

Sample Sponsorship Proposal Template

Prepared for:
[Name of Client], [Name of Clients Company]

Prepared by:
[Name of Representative], [Name of Service Provider]

Name of Event: [ABC]

Details of Event: [Date] [Location]

[Name of Event] is to be held again, with an even better assembly this year. Around [Number] of attendees made our event lively. This year is going to be better because of:

  • [Guest Appearance]
  • [New product launch]
  • [Entertainment]

[Event Name] is a great opportunity to promote [Name of Sponsoring Company] and expand the customer base. In addition, almost [Percentage] of our attendees have confirmed to be your clients, according to our survey. This event can help increase market sales and promote the company.

Attendee Profile

The graphs below represent the profile of the attendees for [Name of Event]:

[Graph 1]

[Graph 2]

[Graph 3]

Event Purpose

[Event Name] is an annual program that is organized to [Detailed reason]. This event was first held in [Year] and was seen as one of the most important events as it helped [Benefits of Event].

Although we have come a long way, we still require the support of sponsors to make our event livelier. Your support will help us in [Mission Statement].

Event Gallery

[Pictures and videos of past Events]

Sponsorship Packages

Our sponsorship packages include the following factors:

Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package
[No. of Printed Media] [No. of Printed Media] [No. of Printed Media]
[No. of Electronic Media] [No. of Electronic Media] [No. of Electronic Media]
[No. of Standard Tickets] [No. of Standard Tickets] [No. of Standard Tickets]
Booth Space Booth Space
[No. of VIP Tickets]
Brand Promotion
Features in Opening and Closing Speech
Value of Bronze Value of Silver Value of Gold


Terms and Agreements of Sponsorships:

Neither included parties are allowed to make any modifications unless the condition is handwritten and approved by both parties.

This document contains the terms and conditions created between the Client Company and the Service Provider; therefore, both included parties are bound by this contract. No modifications can be made to this contract unless written proof is provided with the approval of both companies marked on it.

Sponsorship Contribution

The contribution of [$xxx] made by the sponsor should be paid completely by [Date].

Contract Time Period

The contract will automatically terminate on [Date] when the event comes to an end.

Cancellation of Contract

In case of cancellation of contract, the refund policy states [Refund Policy Terms].

Signature of Sponsor:


Signature of Event Representative:



Sponsorship proposal

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