Sports Academy Proposal Letter

Sports academy proposal letter is a formal letter in which people who are interested in working for a sports academy make their offer. This letter brings an offer for those who own the academy. The proposal letter can be solicited or unsolicited.

When a person writes a solicited proposal letter, he knows that the academy needs the services that he is offering in the letter. In unsolicited letter, the offer is made regardless of whether the academy needs them or not. The people write this letter when they want to introduce a particular need to the reader of the letter

Who writes the proposal letter to the sports academy?

People who can write this letter are:

  1. Professional trainers who are interested in offering their training service
  2. Tournament organizers who want the sports academy to collaborate with them
  3. All those professionals who want to sell their sports accessories

The proposal can be written by many other individuals or groups of people also depending on what they have to offer.

What to write in the proposal letter?

The offer letter must include the following details:

Introduction of the person or company:

The recipient of the proposal letter should be able to know who has written this letter. So, introduce yourself first. In the introductory part of the letter, you must give a brief introduction to your experience. If you are representing a company, describe the company briefly.

Make an offer:

After you have given your introduction, describe what you want to offer to the sports academy. Here, you will make it clear to the letter what is your purpose behind this letter. Make sure that you are clear about the offer you are making as you will not be able to step back if the recipient accepts your proposal

Describe the benefits of your offer:

 The recipient who has the authority to accept or reject your proposal always wants to know what use you can bring to the table if he or she accepts your proposal. So, writing this letter provides you with an opportunity to showcase your potential and demonstrate the benefits people generally have when they choose you to work with them.

Make sure that the benefits you describe in this letter are tailored to the unique needs of the recipient. This will enable the recipient to see your worth and the potential of the offer you make.

In the end, let the reader know that you are optimistic that you will get a positive response from him. You can also give a call to action as many people don’t know even after reading the letter what you want from them. Make an offer in the letter to meet you in person to discuss your services and the charges of your services in person. No matter how you end, make sure that you have kept the length of the letter minimal.

Read the sample letter given below.

Sample proposal letter:

Subject: Proposal for sports academy at [XYZ]

Respected Sir,

I am (mention your name) and have been working as a trainer in different sports academies. I have experience in training students of the sports institutes for cricket matches and tournaments held at local and international levels.

I have come to know that your sports academy has initiated a project of training your talented players to take part in the international tournament which is going to be held this year in November. I am eager to be a part of your training team. People under my training have always excelled and shown dedication.

I would like to give my special training to players from your school. I hope that after getting training from me, players in your academy will give their best and bring up the name of the school. I am hopeful to get a positive response from your side. If you want to know more about me, feel free to contact me (mention your phone number or email address).

Sports Academy Proposal Letter Template

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