Sports Club Proposal Letter


I am writing this letter to propose your company helping us forming a sports club in Sector F-06 of Xenith Street Hall area in California. We are willing to raise funds for the formation of a sports club or sports association.

It has been noticed in previous years that the number of sports clubs has fallen short and there is no sports club or sports association in the area aforementioned. It has been seen that the issue is unresolvable if it has to wait for more so, we understand that this has to be executed in the private sector as soon as possible.

We are willing to offer several opportunities to our sponsors in the forte of advertising for three years and other generated programs. The site for the sports club is located at a significant place where chances are higher to get recognized and flourished.


We are seeking your assistance in the formation of an athlete hall or sports club. We are delighted with the previous assistance that you have been doing as a sponsor to fund our projects; thus, we are immensely thankful to you for the previous services you rendered to our organization.

We can provide a demonstration of the proposal if you seek the details. Moreover, it is also to inform you that the site for the club has been registered and taken into consideration by the local government and law authorities too.

We have completed all the legal and ordinary formalities. More is awaited with your cooperation. I hope you will cooperate and fund the club. We are available to fulfill any query at [email].

Thank you for your previous and upcoming collaboration.


Latin Marsh, ORX Organization and Welfare 90-7/B California, USA.

Sports Club Proposal Letter


Re. Sports Club Proposal for the Transgender Community of the City

Dear Nelson,

I take this opportunity to enhance the prospective ongoing ties of strong collaboration, coordination, and support. It is very delightful to look back and perceive your firm as always there to bolster our projects.

First, I shall take this moment to appreciate you for your untiring and ever-lasting support and compensation. This letter seeks to find your assistance in another project which is very significant in its nature of being truly innovative and being benevolent to one of the most marginalized communities in the USA. We have taken this initiative to form a sports association club for the transgender whole of the USA.

This step has already been approved by the Corporate Sector department and Labor and Human Resources of the federal government.

This project has been one of the most significant and most awaited projects as it is for the well-being of a community always seeking equality and human rights. For this, we decided to form the club for the transgenders to realize their equal rights and centralize their needs and desires, and thus prepared a proposal for you to come and join us. This project will take a cost of $400000/- which will generate a good amount of revenue jointly shared by our sponsors.

I have enclosed the required documents with this proposal letter and hence they can be analyzed to get a further understanding of the project. The project line can be followed by following the section of the current project on our website [NAME].

I acknowledge that all the attached documents are true and real. I declare that any legal proceedings can be initiated if anything is found forged or misled. Please inform us about your earliest availability for a meeting by writing to us at [email]. Thank you.


Markel Nilsson, The Manager, Erosion Welfare Organization.

Sports Club Proposal Letter