Staff Bus Proposal Letter

A document that is used to propose an organization or institute for offering a specified service is known as a proposal letter. Normally the service provider contacts people who operate in the same area. These bodies can either be organizations or institutes that enjoy a good reputation amongst people.

The proposal letters are a way of attracting possible clients yourself. You offer your services to the required institute by telling them about yourself and letting them explore more of you. And if the deal is done then you can further negotiate over the price you have offered.

It is possible that the customer readily accepts your offer and you need not go into details but where your set price does not attract the possible customer then you will have to negotiate over the price and settle down on an agreed-upon ratio.


You as a service provider will have to be clear in what you offer and how you offer it. You need to make sure that what you have given as an offer is something of value that will attract your customer. You must present yourself in such a way that the offer appeals to your customer.

Sample letter

Mr. Green
Greenwood School, London.

Mr. James
ABC Transport, London.

Dear Mr. Green,

I James Have been in the business of transport for the past 10 years in London. I had been offering my bus services in Manchester but a few days back I have shifted to London to seek more business. Your school is new in our area and I have heard that you need a transport service for your staff members.

It will be my pleasure if you take the services of our transport company in this respect. We are currently operating in London with 10 buses. All the buses belong to the company and are not rented. To operate these buses, we have managed to arrange 15 drivers who work in shifts to serve better to our customers.

Each driver is given a mobile phone with which he is able to communicate with his respective rides. To save time, we have shifted the rides of the same route on one bus and the other on another bus.

In case of the non-availability of a driver following a specific route, you will be provided with an alternate driver. The driver’s name and contact number will be shared by you. You can even track where the bus is going for your convenience.

If in case, there is a delay in the bus service due to some unforeseen reason we will inform you well before time. Thus, any change in the bus schedule will be shared with you.

The seats of our buses are highly comfortable. We have also given an internet connection on all the buses with the availability of television. Our heating system is one of the best with which our bus is equipped. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me.

Yours Sincerely

Mr. James
ABC Transport, London.

Staff Bus Proposal Letter Template