Teachers Training Proposal Letter

Just like any other professionals, teachers also need training. The coaching of teachers brings up an opportunity for teachers to grow in their fields by polishing their skills and learning new things. If you are also interested in training teachers, you can write a proposal.

It is a formal letter in which the person interested in carrying out the training writes his expression of interest. This letter is generally written to the management of the school to persuade them into accepting the offer. You should know who you should address in the letter and what can be the possible impact of your letter on the mind of the reader.

Writing a winning proposal always enables people to express their interest to work in a business relationship with the recipient. In this letter, the sender gets the opportunity to explain the areas and reasons for his strength to choose his proposal. All those people who are eager to train teachers can fulfill their personal and professional needs by writing a proposal. In addition, teachers also get an opportunity to give a boost to their profession when they attend a workshop to polish their skills.


What information should be added to the teacher coaching proposal letter?

If you want to write a winning proposal, it should include the information given below:

Expression of interest:

At the beginning of the letter, the proposal writer should give an expression of interest which will make it clear to the reader that the sender wants to do business with him.

Describe the objectives of the training program:

Since you have already told me that you want to start a training program, the reader wants to know your motivation to do it. Enlist all the objectives of the coaching you want to give. Make sure that you have tailored the objectives to the needs of the educational institute you are targeting.

Discuss the details of the program:

In this part, you will be required to specify the details of the program. This is an important part of the letter as the reader can decide based on the details you mention. Describe the duration of the session, learning outcomes as well as the timing. Also, tell how much fee you will charge for this program and how it will be beneficial for the teachers of the institute.  

End the letter with a call to action:

At the end of the letter, your proposal should serve the purpose for which it was written. Ask the reader to consider the offer you have made.

Below is a sample letter was written to the principal of the school to convince him to accept the offer:

Letter Template

Subject: Proposal for teachers’ training during [XYZ] at [abc]

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Mr. ABC who has been working in the teacher’s coaching center for 10 years. I have an extensive experience in training pedagogues in their respective areas of teaching. I am interested in conducting a workshop in your institute in which, the teachers you have recruited will be given essential training that will help them teach effectively.

I believe in empowering teachers with all the essential skills that they should possess when they are in the classroom. A teacher is regarded as a role model for students. Therefore, she/he should be equipped with the confidence and grace that can be impressive for students.

The training program I want to initiate will help teachers solve their problems related to concentration and interaction with students. They will also learn different strategies to effectively manage the classroom.

The content of the program will be based on time management, solving communication-related problems, teaching strategies, and much more.

The duration of this program will be 3 days from 6 am to 8 am and the fee is 500$ for a complete session of three days which is non-refundable. In addition, the teacher will be given a certificate for completing the training program at the end.

I hope that you will take interest in my expression of interest. If you are interested, feel free to contact me at [#Contact].

Teachers Training Proposal Letter