Team Building Proposal Letter

A team-building proposal letter is a letter that is written by an individual or an organization that is offering team-building services. It is addressed to the client organization, which is seeking such services. In this letter, the organization woos the client by giving special offers, competitive prices, innovative methods, activities, etc.

Sometimes, the client organizations are setting new strategic goals, the achievement of which is highly dependent on a strong team. In addition, many clients believe in investing in their employees on a regular basis as well, to build their skills, and utilize their full potential as a team. Therefore, they seek the services of experts, who can provide training to develop their team.

When an organization wants to offer its team-building services, it approaches the client formally through a team-building proposal letter. The information included in such letters is dependent on:

  • The client’s requirements and objectives.
  • The company’s priorities.
  • Special offers by the organization.
  • Expertise and competitive advantage.
  • Designed training and activities.

With the consideration of the above factors, the content is designed accordingly. However, a general template of such proposal letters includes the following details:

  • Date
  • Details of the client.
  • Details of the organization/individual offering team building services.
  • The proposal.
  • Experience and achievements of the organization.
  • Quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • Details of the proposal.
  • Details of the planned training, activities, etc.
  • Any special offers for the client.
  • Show flexibility.
  • Show hope of approval.
  • Show flexibility
  • Salutations and signature.

When the client receives the team building proposal letter, he thoroughly studies it, and if it is deemed beneficial, and the client believes that the organization can build its team well, he accepts the proposal, which may lead to a contract. Otherwise, if the client doubts the competitiveness of the organization, he might not want to engage in a deal, and so he sends a rejection letter to the client.

Sample Team Building Proposal Letter


Dear Mr. Wilson,

I am writing this letter about your notice in the newspaper on 5th June 20XX. We, at ABC Limited, believe that we fulfill all the requirements stated in your notice as well as we can build your team as per your needs, which will help in fulfilling your new strategic goals effectively.

We are operating in the market since 2007 and have provided numerous training to the employees of various organizations. We believe that through different roleplay and engaging activities, team-building skills can be instilled. We have a success rate of over 90%. We are attaching the documents with this letter for your reference.

We have thoroughly understood your needs for team building. We have designed a sketch of activities (attached), that will help us in training and developing your team to achieve your strategic objectives.

We believe a program of six weeks will be sufficient to achieve our goals. The employees need to spend three hours every day, five days a week, with our team. The effectiveness would be higher if we provide the training in the morning. However, we can adjust according to your requirements.

To save the employees’ traveling time, we will be arranging activities and training at your office. As for the rates, we are offering competitive rates, the details of which are attached to this letter. As a special offer, we will give you a 10% discount, if your team consists of 8 or more members.

Feel free to contact us at [X]. Looking forward to your positive reply.

Thank you.


Emily Geller.


Team Building Proposal Letter Template