Technical Training Proposal Template

Technical training teaches the skills required to design, develop, support, operate, implement and maintain a certain technology or related application, service, and product. It is a process that involves teaching employees ways to more accurately as well as thoroughly complete the technical areas of their jobs.

If you are a company providing technical training, then you may want to know how to make a technical training proposal. To find out more continue reading on.

A technical training proposal is a document whereby respondents need to demonstrate the capacity specifically to assess training requirements, develop a training along with technical assistance plan, give training plus technical assistance, and moreover evaluate training and even technical assistance.


This document can help people know all the important parts of a technical training program that lets them consider if it will be good for them to undertake.

A technical training proposal can be made in Microsoft Word. You can add some points in tables to make it clearer to read, like the budget, dates, etc. If you need to make a technical training proposal, then you should include the following things:

  • Title of Proposal- This can be stated at the top of the document. The title needs to be clear and precise so that people can know from the beginning what it is about.
  • Submitted By- You need to mention the name, full title, and affiliation. Include everyone that is on the team.
  • Date of Submission- State the date
  • Contact Information- You should mention the main contact, address, phone, email, etc.
  • Training Summary- Tell what the training will be about. Include all the information that people will find useful in knowing what the training will concern. You can include the general objectives of technical training. Also, mention any specific objectives that are present.
  • The Targeted Audience- State who the target audience is for the training. You can mention skills, etc.
  • Budget– You can state the budget of the training. Including funding requested.
  • Duration- People need to know the exact date that the training will start and end.
  • Venue- The venue needs to be provided so that people know where the technical training will be held.


Technical training proposals help out different individuals. Now that you know what these are read on to find out its advantages:

  1. Let interested people know what to expect from the technical training, and whether it will help them out.
  2. Allows people to know when and where the technical training will be held and for how long.
  3. This proposal can help people in knowing the general objectives, specific objectives, target audience, roles and responsibilities, venue and dates, budget, etc. of the technical training initiative.

From the above, you can see that a technical training proposal is something that is important. This proposal can give needed information to participants of the technical training to let them know all about it so that they will have all the required information about it.

The Template

TTT Training Company
34313 Manhattan Ave.
Manhattan, New York


ABC Restaurant
Mary Douglas
New York, NY 80232

Dear Ms. Douglas,

We would like to thank you for your time yesterday and for sharing your thoughts with us on conducting a Technical Training Session for your restaurant employees. We have put together a Technical Training proposal for your approval. Please feel free to ask any questions.


TTT is an IT Training Company. We have been serving businesses and individuals since 2001. We provide a comprehensive learning experience to maximize their potential, by improving their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the workspace.

We use an approach that allows the employees to learn at their own convenience and availability. This includes the use of modules and activities to suit their liking, such as interactive video-based instructions, attending workshops and lectures, and interactive simulations.


Our technical training team will help your company to adopt a digital approach to your business. Our goal is to provide a tool that can be used to categorize highly technical content to avoid information overload. We will train the staff to update and enhance user interfaces, and turn manual registers and notes into digital workflows, which in turn, will give them more time to make satisfied and happy customers.


Our team comprises instructional designers, IT specialists, trainers, and organization development professionals who teach and train specialized software.

Currently, we are dealing with the following employee training:

  • Formal training sessions, including face-to-face and online courses
  • Employee’s professional grooming, situation handling, coaching, and mentoring
  • Technical job training

Criteria/Basic Requirements

The staff should have the basic know-how of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. The systems must have windows 10 (or above) and all the office tools.

Training Session

Technical components

Train the employees to manage inventory and stocks efficiently, and upload invoices and items purchased to calculate sales, profit, and taxes automatically.

  • Inventory and Stock Management

How to Update stocks; maintain consistency in recipes; food consumption estimates for minimal wastage. If the inventory levels get low, get notifications.

  • Cost management

Manage Billing, Salaries, Marketing, discounts/Offers, and Payments from a single console.

  • Purchase Management

Train on purchase processes. Manage a supplier database, and build conversion measurement units to track ingredients.

  • Sales Management

    1. Keep track of the restaurant business by accessing all kinds of reports (sales, inventory, etc.) from any device. Receive Alerts in case of any unusual activity.
    2. Train the staff to record the status of each order as served, billed, opened, or closed.
    3. Take centralized control over all the connected branches
  • Alerts Management & troubleshooting

How to deal with alerts in case of any unusual activity. Training the staff on basic troubleshooting through various exercises.


The training will take approximately 7 days.

Day 1: Introduction and Inventory Management

Day 2: Cost Management

Day 3: Purchase and Sales Management

Day 5: Tax Modules

Day 6: Trouble Shooting

Day 7: Alerts Management


Consultant Travel cost –>$2,000
Training –>$10,000
Support –>$3,000
Miscellaneous –>$1,000
Total Cost: –>$16,000

Participation in all scheduled days of the program is mandatory in order to receive the completion certificate. All sessions will be recorded and available for participants to review for future reference.

Please contact us this week and we can move forward with the training.


Kelly Smith
TTT Training Company


Technical training proposal