Temporary Staffing Services Proposal

The staffing service proposal is quite important for hiring personnel for a certain job. Temporary staffing service proposals get written on project description component of the proposal. Writing a perfect and accurate staffing service proposal will lead your project to market competitiveness.

Composing of Proposal

For composing temporary staffing service proposal you should have a clear cut idea in your mind that actually what you want to get done by your temporary employees. Provide a complete description of the role of every employee. You should also determine how each employee position concerns with other position.

Before sending your proposals you should have competitive staff for providing services. It will increase the confidence in your project.


For more productivity, attach the resumes of every temporary employee. It will show that you acquire the best employees which will serve in the best way.

Importance of Staffing Services Proposals

Temporary staffing proposals are actually for hiring temporary employees for certain tasks. It will be sent to your potential project provider so that you are suitable enough for accomplishing that project. Attaching the resume of temporary employees will identify the fulfillment of project in proper means.

It is very significant to send proper proposals for some certain projects that you are hiring temporary staff for completion of the task. But keep in mind that your proposal should elaborate complete and proper details of your staffing services. It should determine that you are eligible enough to accomplish a certain project. Make your proposal enough descriptive and with all the essential information required.

Sample Proposal Template

To:       ABC
4200 8th Ave.
New York City, NY

From:   XYZ
Human Resource Solutions
New York City, NY

28th May 2019

Executive Summary

The success of a business in today’s competitive world requires top talent and the right skills at the right place and time. We, at XYZ services, have the resources and expertise to provide you a cost-effective and efficient way to enhance your competitive advantage and outcome of the company. We understand that the holiday season is approaching, and your company has to deal with multiple staff members being out of the office at the same time. The projects have to be delivered and the job needs to be completed. Our company will provide you temporary staffing services, which will ensure that the initiatives progress and deadlines are met even if the key contributors to your company are out of the office.


XYZ is an on-demand workforce providing solutions for a company’s short-term and long-term staffing requirements. We believe that a trusted partner is needed to manage workforce needs. We provide reliable, advanced skilled and talented workers. In this fast-changing environment, good talent is always in demand and some skills are not easy to find on short notices. We offer suitable candidates for your ad-hoc needs, so you can continue your day-to-day business operations and meet deadlines for the deliverables.


XYZ services come in handy when you have a position to fill, requiring a special set of skills. Searching for the right candidate can be very time consuming and a hassle. Our Staffing Service Company provides the following services:

Temporary Hire

Payroll Services

High volume Staffing



Adding temporary staff as needed will keep your labor costs down without sacrificing the quality of work. Moreover, it will boost the morale of the fellow employees who won’t have to deal with all the burden solely. Hired staff can bring new skills and perspectives to your projects and ensure well-timed delivery with utmost accuracy. In addition to that, this temporary workforce can be an active talent pipeline for future considerations.

Needs Assessment

Right now, your company requires Data auditors, Management team and IT expert, who will manage viable workloads, fill in for absences and reduce risks and ensure compliance. The end date of your project is 30th August 2019. The provided temporary staff will work with your team for two months, starting from 1st July- 30th August 2019.

Staff Job Description

Presently, we will provide you 4 employees; 1 Manager, 1 IT expert and 2 Data Auditors.

The manager has experience of at least 2 years. He can head the department of qualitative and quantitative researchers.

Our IT expert will work across all teams and groups and provide technical solutions. He has an experience of 3 years. He will be able to give valuable insight into the technical decisions.

The Data auditors have experience of at least 3 years. Your company’s senior auditors can brief them accordingly on the projects.


The estimated overall cost of the additional temporary employees will be around $162,000. The details are provided below:

Job Level Names Hiring Cost / Month Additional variables Total Cost


Jaden Johnson $2,500 $500 $5,500
IT expert Dave Miller $2,000 $4,000


Jack Wilson $1,000 $100 $2,100


John Davis $1,000 $100 $2,100
Agency Charges $2,500


Payment Terms:

  • Employee salaries must be deposited in their accounts by the end of each month (before 28th of each month).
  • Reimbursements and allowances must be paid not later than 10 days from the date the documents have been submitted.
  • The 100% Agency charges must be paid at the time of proposal acceptance.


We have attached the copy of our business license that allows us to provide staffing services within the state.


General Liability Insurance: The General Liability Insurance for personal injury, bodily injury and property damage will be provided. It will also help cover medical expenses and attorney fees, resulting from the above-mentioned damages. Our company will be legally responsible for all such matters.

Automobile Insurance: all the vehicles used during the term of this program will be fully insured.

Terms and Conditions

The employees provided by our company will be on probation for 15 days and ABC will conduct a review of satisfactory performance. The contract may be terminated, with a 15-day notice, by both parties.

Contact Us

You can contact us with any of the following ways:

Phone: 131-5211333

Fax: 451 422444

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.websitename.com


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