Tender Proposal Letter Template

A tender proposal letter is like a cover letter of a proposal that specifies the basic information stated in the proposal as well as is used to woo a client to accept the proposal. This is different than a cover page of the proposal, as it contains far more information about the company’s value as well as why the proposal is worth accepting. It states the company’s strengths, experience, and expertise along with its competitive edge.

Although a tender proposal letter is not mandatory in many cases companies often attach it with their proposals, as it provides a chance to attract a client toward the proposal. The other benefits include:

  • The company can use it as a marketing tool to promote itself.
  • The client can get a general understanding of the proposal being sent by the company to decide if the proposal is worth consideration.
  • It also acts as an introductory part of the whole proposal, with an emphasis on the company’s strengths and suitability for the project.
  • A strong letter can create a good first impression, which may get carried forward onto the complete proposal.
  • The company can inform the client about the documents that are being sent along with this letter, which can prove to be helpful in case a document gets missing after receiving it by the client.

Although the information included in the tender proposal letter may vary, the general details are:

  • Date
  • Details of the company.
  • Details of the client.
  • Reference to the tender notice and the attached proposal.
  • Company’s strengths, experience in the field, expertise, competitive edge.
  • Why the company is the right choice?
  • Client Persuasion.
  • Openness for communication.
  • Salutations

Sample Tender Proposal Letter

Dear Ms. Sarah,

We are pleased to present our proposal against your tender notice no. [X], advertised in the newspaper on 5th November 20XX.

We have prepared this proposal after a thorough consideration of your requirements and details provided in the notice.

We have been in this sports jacket production business for 25 years. We not only sell in the country but export them to various countries as well. We are one of the top manufacturers and sellers of sports clothing in this country. Some of our regular customers include XXX, YYY, ZZZ, etc. Some of our international clients are XXX, YYY, ZZZ, etc.

We have a complete production line, all managed within the same premises. As we are a large company and buy in bulk, our raw material cost is always lower than our competitors, which also allows us to charge reasonable prices, yet not compromising on quality.

Our control on financial costing and quality checks along with the dedicated and expert team will provide you with the best quality sports jackets.

With this letter, we are sending you the project proposal and the bidding details. Looking forward to working with you. Thank you for providing the opportunity.

If you want any information, you can contact [X] anytime.


William smith.

Sample Proposal Letter

Tender proposal letter

Tender proposal letter