Training Proposal Templates

Training proposals are documents made by training institutions plus organizations. Their aim is to provide training sessions for learners. Learners can get to know all about the training, like the provider, duration, location, target group, how many participants will be involved, who the training is organized by, etc.

What is a training proposal template?

The training proposal template is a template that is for a company that is providing training to someone in some certain subject. You can use this template for training conducted generally (like training a room consisting of customer service reps).

It can even be used for something that is within a very certain niche (like one on one type of glass blowing training). This type of document can be used for many things, therefore, it should be tailored to the audience that you have.


How to make a training proposal template?

If you are interested in making a training proposal template, then you can consider the below-mentioned steps:

  • Guiding Objectives- This will include the rationale as well as an overall goal that is present at the training workshop.
  • Particular Objectives- You will need to state what the workshop will more specifically focus upon, what are the skills that will be taught (you can reference to your learning objectives). Also, mention any relevant material that the learning actually refers to.
  • The Target Audience- You need to mention what is your intended target audiences’ profile moreover why is this audience selected (you can refer to the particular skills gap identified, specifically to prior training that is done for the same audience). You should mention the principles that are present for developing your participants’ list.
  • The Roles and Responsibilities- State the organization as well as the distribution of the responsibilities. This should be with respect to organizing (or focal points), preparing material, facilitating, etc.
  • The Venue and Dates- These will need to be stated clearly so that participants know where to go and when to go there.
  • The Budget- Mention the budget and how much the full cost of the training will be. It can be mentioned in a table.
  • Tentative list of participants- You can mention these in a table for instance.


A training proposal is helpful to many. The advantages of a training proposal are:

  1. This template helps out a training institution and organization so as to tell participants about the training sessions for learners.
  2. It is also important to a learner so that they can find out what to expect from the training, during and also after the training course. Learners can figure out how much the training will cost them and what it will actually involve.

Final Words:

A training proposal is helpful when people want to know what training will involve. It can aid them in knowing what the training will involve and whether it will be useful to them. A good training proposal will have enough information present so that those people interested in the training will not get confused concerning any aspect of the training.

Sample Training Proposal Template

Company Name: [Company Name]
Address: [Mention Address]
Name of Training Proposal: Importance of Leadership, Teamwork and Conflict Resolution
Training Proposal Prepared on: [Mention date and time]
Proposal Prepared by [Mention Name]
Proposal Signed and Approved by [Mention Name]
Proposal submitted on: [Mention Date & Time]


[Company Name] is a think tank organization that provides people management skillset across a wide range of firms, ensuring real and lasting transformations and maintaining high potential clientele across the globe. Our motivation lies in delivering innovations and flexible consultancy services that are beneficial and bore fruitful results in practical lives. Our firm strongly believes in the significance of personality development, training of employees for their grooming and betterment in terms of their profession as well as their personal lives.

Learning is an ongoing process and we believe that it should be incorporated for making people prepared for the upcoming challenges in the practical world. Our trainers are highly skilled in delivering coaching and mentoring services to the corporate sector and they have done specialization in youth training and development. Our company primarily focuses on the firm belief in self-education through a gamut of training programs.

Soft skills are vital to the healthy and friendly environment of a company especially in the corporate sector where everyone is pressurized to put up remarkable work to survive in this competitive world. People generally exhibit frustration and nagging mood swings at work when they are highly occupied by workload and find themselves stuck up in tedious tasks. They are unconsciously unaware of the negative effects caused by the tantrums and the inability to control their anger while dealing with peers or seniors. Companies highly regard personality traits and working style when it comes to the evaluation and monitoring of their employees’ promotions.

Criteria for salary increment and bonuses are designed on the pressure absorbing capabilities and tolerance towards the work that is ad-hoc or being done under strict supervision.

Purpose of the Training:

Resolving issues timely and that too with careful tactics is the core responsibility of the firm’s administration to keep things intact and in place. Discipline and harmony are practiced only when teammates cooperate with each other and tolerate each other’s weaknesses. Only then they would be able to achieve any milestone hence will serve the company in a better way.

You can make your workplace into a home when the members of a certain project coordinate with each other through an optimistic approach and sharing positive criticism. Disputes can be of any kind, they can be financial, personal, professional but devising a peaceful resolution should be the priority of the team to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in the future.

The estimated cost of the training:

[Mentioned Amount] Budget is defined keeping in view the number of participants and the company’s goals and objectives. It can be adjusted accordingly.

Details of Employee Training Program:

The training will commence from [mentioned date] and will continue for three weeks.

Senior as well as junior team members will be participating in the program that would be conducted in two batches.

Assignment, quizzes and short tests related to personality development modules taught in three weeks will be taken after the training to assess the learning results and feedback will also be provided after the session.

We are looking forward to a positive response from your company.

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Training proposal template