Transport Business Expansion Proposal

It is respectfully fully stated that I own a transport company that provides means of transportation to the public within the country. I have several offices of my business and they are all operational in different cities simultaneously. Functional offices at various places provide great comfort in running day-to-day operations. All offices work on a set of guidelines and are responsible for following all the rules and regulations.

I started this business to facilitate the public in their commute to small cities. Due to the construction of motorways and highways, many small cities and villages are bypassed by transportation companies to facilitate travelers of major cities therefore, I started my business of transportation to tackle these travelers.

Initially, I only had one bus and it followed a route to 5 cities and nearby villages. This business worked and I managed to buy more buses following different routes and the number of passengers kept on increasing.


Since then, I have added many other facilities to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers.

Additionally, it has also provided numerous job opportunities to deserving candidates. I am looking forward to further expanding my business and providing more such opportunities.

I seek approval from the XYZ department to allow me to expand this business further and support my new ventures.


Transportation is defined as the locomotion or movement of individuals, goods, and other essentials from one place to another. It requires different mediums for moving different objects depending on several factors. Buses, cars, planes are the mediums used by humans for moving places. People use personal cars to travel nearby places but prefer mass transportation for longer movement.

Transportation companies provide various services to make their journey as comfortable as possible. There are various modes to travel on road and can be availed based on their routes, time required, and prices.

I have already managed a great setup for my business and further expansion can bring more success to it. There is a number of factors that I want to include in this business that has become a necessity. Some of these add-ons include,

  • Launching business and executive class buses to provide more comfort.
  • Initiating the process of transporting goods.
  • Setting up an online profile for booking seats and availing information.
  • Initiation of 4 more offices at different cities.
  • Providing discount offers on tickets during national holidays.


The addition of services to an already established can be tiresome because it requires extra effort and the completion of many tasks from the beginning. The course of action for providing a better experience is provided below,

  • Making an action plan of all the services provided by new offices at new places.
  • Hiring new staff to manage the workload, through personal interviews.
  • Looking for hefty investors to draw their attention towards business plan.
  • Making a business portfolio to present to investors.
  • Managing all tasks through coordination and delegation.
  • Meeting with IT professional for setting up a website.
  • Training staff to work in new environment of online booking.
  • Making necessary arrangements for transportation of goods to different places.
  • Marketing of these new services to aware people about them.
  • Ordering more comfortable buses with sofa seating to initiate luxury classes.
  • Formulating a team of staff members to devise policies that prioritise passengers.


New services require investments of money, time, and brain to provide highly functional and error-proof facilities. Many things are required at every step of launching these services. Some of the requirements are mentioned below,

  • For setting up new offices, a place that is big enough for 4 to 5 buses is required along with space for setting up an office, waiting area, prayer area, bathrooms and canteen is required. Furniture, eatables, computer, and other electronics are also required for proper functioning of the office.
  • Setting up an online profile can be difficult as it is a completely new domain which will also affect the physical presence of passengers. It requires the initiative of starting a website and hiring professionals to deal with booking system and provide updates about the transport to general public.
Transport Business Expansion Proposal