Transportation Proposal Letter to Office

Using public transport has been in the greater interest of people for the past many years. Public transportation gained popularity when buying one’s own vehicle was difficult. Over the years many transportation companies have succeeded in providing quality service to their customers at affordable rates. Whether it is for children going to school or adults going to offices, the use of public transport has always been there.

At times distances that are much long can be covered easily by public transport at an affordable price. These transport companies though have set different rates for different routes but still one can say that they aren’t too high. It has indeed helped many individuals who had no vehicle of their own to travel to their respective workplaces as earning bread and butter is essential for everyone.

The idea of public transport has been a huge success as to date people are willing to use them to go somewhere. It is indeed considered a second option for those who have their own car, but they are not available for them, and the firsthand option for those who do not possess a car at all.

Transportation companies have catered to the needs of many. They have helped ease traveling from one place to another.

Sample letter

My name is Jerry and I have been running a transport company for the past 10 years. Earlier I had been serving in West London but now I have decided to serve East London. When I came to this area, I had observed the transport problems in the city which indeed determined me in serving East London. Your office is one of the offices I wish to offer transport facilities to. Through this letter, I intend to propose to you of taking my transportation company’s facility.

Now my company has 10 buses but within 2 months we will buy 2 more. The buses will pick up the individual from their house and be dropped off there as well. The bus driver will wait for 5 minutes upon arrival at the respective employee’s house. If the employee does not come out, then the bus will move ahead. The employee who has been unable to catch the bus can surely catch up on the next bus on that route within 10 minutes.

In this case, the employee must contact his respective driver and inform him that he has to go to the office, but he was late. Then the driver will contact the other bus driver and say him to pick him up. The contact numbers of all the drivers will be shared with the company. Each bus has 25 seats which are indeed comfortable. The bus is air-conditioned as well. Employees can also use WI-FI on the bus for which there will be no charges. Apart from this, the fare charges for using the bus will be rupees 1500 per month.

I am looking forward to serving your company. Hope to hear positive from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Jerry,
Owner TYS Transport company.
East London

Transportation Proposal Letter to Office