Transportation Proposal Letter to School

Going to the office or school has never been an easy task. One has always needed someone to either drop or pick him/her up from their respective working/schooling area and if by chance you are having your own transport then the issue has been resolved for you.

As time has grown with it has the responsibility of managing things has also increased. At one time or another, there has always been someone who has come up with a solution to problems. Whether your school is far or near, sometimes the school authorities provide children with the transport facility or a transport company offers its services to a large group of students. This offering of transport services to a particular body is known as the Transportation proposal which is drafted in a letter known as the Transportation Proposal Letter.

In a Transportation proposal letter to the school, the owner of the transport company addresses the principal of the school offering his transport services for the children of the school. He starts by highlighting the transport issues and then offering his services as a solution to the transport problem.

The owner has to tell what type of vehicle i.e. car or van the transport company will provide for transportation and also the number of seats available in a particular vehicle. He would further tell put more emphasis on the structure of the bus like telling about the comfort of the seats and whether the bus/van is air-conditioned or not.

Furthermore, he will tell about the number of drivers he has hired for transportation purposes and also the proposed routes which the bus/van is going to follow. Here it is important to mention that the company owner will also state his propped rate of transportation which can be negotiated once the offer is accepted by the school principal. The contact number of the transportation owner should also be mentioned for further queries.

Sample letter

To the Principal,

I am a transport provider in your area Westwood. I have been previously offering my transportation services for offices and now that my business of transport has grown, I have decided to offer my services for schools as well. Through this letter, I am offering your school in my transportation facility.

I have ten buses with 15 drivers as they have to work in shifts. Earlier route of all the buses was in the south of Westwood as most of the offices were located there but now I have shifted more than half my buses in Westwood as many office-going individuals are now using their own transport.

Our divers will provide door-to-door service to the students. Students whose house is either nearby or on the same route will be accommodated on one bus to save time. The driver of each bus will be given a list of students whom he has to pick and drop off as well. The concerned driver’s contact number and name will be shared with the parents of the respective students along with the bus number he is driving.

Our buses are equipped with comfortable seats and are fully air-conditioned. The total number of seats on each bus is 24. If in case a student forgets something on the bus, the bus driver will put it in the lost and found box kept on the bus and hand over the thing to the student the next day.

If due to some unforeseen reason a particular driver is absent, parents of the students traveling by that bus will be intimated by a message and another driver will be made to pick and drop off the kids whose details will be shared with the parents.

The fare of the bus is $[X] per month which can surely be negotiated upon acceptance of our offer. I hope to hear a positive reply from you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. James,
Owner of ABC Transport.

Transportation Proposal Letter to School