Travel Request Proposal to Boss

If you need to travel somewhere then you will have to inform your boss about this. This can be done with the help of a Travel Request Proposal to Boss. You may need to travel for some job event or for personal needs. It is important that you communicate this with your boss properly so that they allow you to take leave and travel.

What to Include in this proposal?

  • Letter format– This request can be written as a letter. You can begin by saying “Dear” and state your manager’s name.
  • Inform what the letter is for– Begin by saying that the letter is a travel request for some upcoming event. You should state the event name and location.
  • Dates- It is important to give the dates from when the event is till what date.
  • Costs– If it is some work event and with no expense to the company, you should state this.
  • Benefits of the event– You can state what benefits will be achieved to the organization if you attend the event. List the important topics that will be covered in the event.
  • List of expenses– If you need the company to pay for anything you can write a list of the expenses that will occur.
  • End– Thank the employer for reading your proposal. You can end with “Sincerely” and then write your name.

Advantages of writing the proposal:

  • A professional document requesting your boss to allow you to attend some important event.

Final Words:

A Travel Request Proposal to Boss is a professional document that should be created carefully as this can let you attend some event that can help you advance your skills.

Sample Proposal

Dear Mr. Johnson,


This letter is intended to make a request for attending the upcoming XYZ annual conference of 2019 at the XYZ head office. I am submitting this travel request for your perusal and approval. The meeting will be held from 14th April – 20th April 2019 in Vevey, Switzerland.


The XYZ conference is the only event of its kind for professionals working in the field of market research. It is one of the largest conferences which provides delegates with an opportunity to:

  • Understand XYZ’s business performance and its strategic objectives for 2019
  • Showcase and experience the best practices from the industry
  • Get exposure to the new developments in the field of market research
  • Connect with colleagues and business partners


This conference will allow me, John Mayer and Jessica Bolt, to network with our peers and colleagues from other regions of the world. We would be able to discuss issues and share thoughts which will have a positive impact on our professional relationship and career growth. A forum will be provided for our team members to discuss tools, trends, and technologies to improve our workflow.

Furthermore, there is also a requirement of the client to present the annual performance of 2018 during the board meeting. We have a slot of 1 hour during the second day of the conference.

Client Commitment

Our company’s annual contract with XYZ includes a commitment that we will be attending the meetings in their head office on Bi-Annual basis.

Available funds

As mentioned in our contract with the client, we have reserved US$ 10,000 for the purpose of traveling. Hence, these funds remain at our disposal and can be used for this particular travel.


The visa and the document processing take around 2 weeks therefore, approval is required beforehand for the travel on intended dates.

Travel schedule

April 14th – Departure from New York City

April 15th – Conference- day 1 (Meet & Greet, Brief from the XYZ Chairman)

April 16th – Conference- day 2 (1 Hour session will be conducted by us)

April 17th – Conference- day 3 (Training sessions on industry trends)

April 18th – Conference- day 4 (Team activity and Site-seeing)

April 19th – Conference- day 5 (Ending Note from the Chairman of XYZ)

April 20th – Departure from Vevey, Switzerland

Evaluation process & Criteria

As per our company’s travel policy, we have contacted three different travel agencies for their respective quotations. After the thorough evaluation, the lowest cost quotation has been submitted for the air tickets and hotel accommodation.


Description Cost per Person Cost (US$)
Conference Registration $300 $900
Air Travel $400 $1200
Hotel Accommodation $100 / Per Night $1800
Ground Transportation $50 $150
Per Day Dining Allowance $100 $2100
Total Cost:   $6150



We would like to seek your approval to proceed with the necessary travel arrangements. After your approval email, we will inform the relevant departments to initiate the travel process.


Jackson Smith
Marketing Director


Travel request proposal to boss

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