Travel Request Proposal Template for Word

A travel request proposal is a proposal that is prepared by a travel company or agency, usually, in response to a travel request of a client company. The client companies often want to contract out the hassle of official travel arrangements to travel agencies and hence, request proposals from different companies to choose the most feasible one. However, sometimes, the travel agencies approach the client companies with their proposals to gain the contract, even without the client company’s request.

When a client company is outsourcing the travel arrangements, they are requesting the travel agency to provide the services of visa processing, ticketing, airport pick-up, immigration facilitation, hotel booking, transportation arrangements for the destination, etc.

When a travel agency is preparing a travel request proposal, the services the client is seeking and its requirements should be the focus. As other competitor travel agencies may reach out to the client with their proposals as well, the travel agency should be very careful while preparing this document, so to increase its chances of selection. Some of the considerations are:

  • The proposal needs to be prepared in a comprehensive, professional and formal manner.
  • The details of services and their costing need to be competitive as well as should be clearly stated without ambiguous statements.
  • As this proposal is like a marketing and promotional tool, if it is persuasive and attractive enough, it can increase the probability of the proposal’s approval.
  • The benefits, that the client can enjoy by making a deal, need to emphasize.
  • The cover page, usually the first thing to be glanced at, should be attractive enough with all the relevant details, and yet should not be wordy. If the client likes the cover page, it would likely go through the whole document as well, increasing the chances of acceptance.
  • The terms and conditions need to be practical, feasible and competitive.

After taking into account the requirements and demands of the client and considering all the ways that a proposal can be made attractive enough, a travel agency prepares and presents the proposal. This indicates that a customized proposal is prepared for every client with varying details. However, the general details included in all the proposals are usually the same, which are:

  • Executive summary/introduction.
  • Company profile.
  • Contract and services details.
  • Benefits to the client.
  • The competitive edge of the travel agency.
  • Costs and charges involved.
  • Persuasive statements.
  • Terms and conditions.

In addition to the selection of services and details and how to present them, a travel agency has to either design the proposal from scratch or use an available template. For the second option, it can simply download the template and customize it as per its requirements.

If the client accepts the proposal of the travel agency, they would make a deal and both can enjoy the associated benefits of the contract. However, if the client accepts a competitor’s proposal, it would cost the travel agency in terms of lost resources, including time.

Sample Proposal Template


Mark Jobs
Travel agency


Jackson Smith
ABC Company
New York City, NY

22nd May, 20XX

Dear Mr. Smith

We would like to thank you for meeting with us and sharing your travel requirements. Our aim is to make your tour successful and memorable. We have put together this proposal for your approval. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you,

Mark Jobs

Executive Summary

We understand that employee Sales Training event holds great importance in your organization. A lot goes into ensuring a successful event, from making travel arrangements to choosing the venue, deciding the menu, and looking into each and every detail so the event is a huge success. As your Annual Sales Training conference is taking place on 15th Oct- 17th Oct 2019, in Istanbul, Turkey, we have designed a proposal to offer you an unforgettable experience that will make you and your companions feel more relaxed and inspired at the end of the event. Our agency can also assist you in Team Building exercises, clubbed with this training.


The XYZ Travel Agency offers customized travel solutions for corporate and independent travelers. We excel at helping you get your ideal tour planned. Planning tours and making all the required reservations takes a lot of time and effort, our company provides the best services to make your life hassle-free. We provide all sorts of assistance like travel planning, ticket purchasing, hotel bookings, and visa processing. The details of our services are given below:


International and Domestic Air tickets

International and Domestic Tour packages

Corporate, Business, and Group travel assistance

Hotel Reservations

Educational Tours

Travel Insurance

Visa Assistance

Customized Tours

Trip Overview

We were briefed at the meeting that a 3-day conference will be held in Turkey, followed by a Leisure Day.


October 14th –   Arrival of the Guests

The guest will arrive at the Sahibaan Hotel. Each guest will be provided with a Deluxe Suite.

October 15th –   Day 1 of the conference

Conference arrangements will be made in the hotel’s Conference Room. It will start at 9:00 am and go on till 5:00 pm.

October 16th –   Day 2 of the conference

October 17th–    Day 3 of the conference

The conference will start at 9:00 am. Ending Note from the Chairman of the company will be given.

October 18th –   A full-day city Tour of Istanbul will be arranged for the guests.

Our guide will pick up the guests from the hotel at 8:30 am. First, they will visit the Hagia Sophia Museum. Then they will visit the Hippodrome. At around 1:00 pm, they will be served lunch at ABC Restaurant. After that, they will visit the Grand Bazaar. Here, they will be given a couple of hours to shop. At 4:00 pm, they will be taken on a cruise on the Bosphorus. After the tour, the guests will be transferred back to the hotel.

October 19th –   Departure of the guests

The guests will check out the hotel at around 12:00 pm and will be transferred to the airport.

Travel Agent

Your travel assistant thought out the trip will be Anna Lawson. Anna has a traveling experience of 10 years and has been to over 50 countries. She is fluent in the Turkish language as well as English. She is originally from Mexico but now works in New York with us. She is familiar with the ins and outs of everything about traveling and will make sure that your tour is comfortable and successful in every way.


The XYZ Travel Agency provides insurance while traveling. We provide protection to our guests and their belongings in case of any accidents, illness, and inconvenience. We cover you not only in America but also in the rest of the world.

*Terms and conditions apply.

International Documentation

We will take care of the preparation of all the necessary documentation needed for the travel to Turkey. We will ask the HR department to provide information about the 20 people traveling.


Number of people traveling: 20

Visa Cost$25/Head$500
Air ticket$800/Head$16,000
Pick/Drop Services$500/Day$10,000
Hotel Accommodation$500/Night$10,000
Dining/Food$80/Meal per person$960
Venue Arrangement Charges$1,000/Day$3,000
Excursion Trip$250/ Head$5,000
Agency Charges$3,000


We would like you to read the proposal thoroughly. The prices mentioned above are valid for the next 30days. As soon as you approve our proposal, we will send you the acceptance letter and initiate the process.

Terms & Conditions

Full payment should be made as soon as the proposal is accepted.


Travel Request Proposal