Travel Sponsorship Proposal Template

To: Michael Johns 
Los Angeles, CA 22300

From: Alexis Jonathan
27th May 20XX
Dear Mr. Johns,

My name is Alexis Johnathon and I work for the XYZ NGO. As you must be aware of the floods in Vietnam, caused by torrential rain, we are looking to travel to 5 cities of Vietnam to help the flood victims. We have previously worked with local organizations in various regions and achieved great results.

This time we are planning to travel in October and seek your support in terms of sponsoring our travel for this great cause. We anticipate making more awareness for your esteemed organizations as well.


We look forward to your suggestions for making this tour more successful.


Alexis Jonathan

Travel Sponsorship Proposal Letter
Travel Sponsorship Proposal Letter Template

XYZ Travel Sponsorship Proposal for ABC

Organization Introduction

XYZ is an organization working to end poverty throughout the world. We work for the people so they can lead a healthy and dignified life full of opportunities. Right now, we are working for the rehabilitation of flood victims. The supporters of XYZ come from different walks of life and never hesitate to participate. Our teams work around the globe to improve the lives of millions. Our NGO was founded in 2010 and ever since we have been promoting human rights, social development and economic growth.

Problem Statement

The continuous 4 months of heavy rain have caused the ugliest flood in different regions of Vietnam for the past months. Thousands and thousands of Vietnamese have been affected by this. They were forced to leave their homes and belongings and move to temporary shelters. We will be needing a great deal of support and assistance to rehabilitate them and provide them with a proper life as they used to live. We wish to travel to different regions of Vietnam. We need your company to sponsor our travel to 5 cities in Vietnam, including Nha Trang, Thai Nguyen, Danang, Can Tho, and Hue, so that we can provide them with our services.

Project Goal

Our XYZ NGO will work with local groups and local organizations to rehabilitate the families.  Our main aim is to bring them on to their feet and rebuild their societies. We want to ensure they lead a respectable life ahead. For this, we organize awareness programs to deal with the physiological and emotional trauma; we offer health services and teach ways to deal with their emotions.

Action Plan

As soon as the funds are arranged, our groups of volunteers will go to Vietnam. We plan on going to 3 cities first. Once settled, we set up the camps and run the following programs:

  • Small Housing Community

We plan on building a housing community of 80 housing units. This will provide shelter to approximately 500 people.

  • Household Items

We will provide semi-furnished housing units, comprising of stoves, refrigerators and washing machine.

  • Medical Support

We will set up medical camps to provide free basic medicine to the victims. Also, we will contact the local hospitals and work with them to ask specialized doctors to provide their services.

  • Interactive Sessions

Sessions on dealing with emotional and psychological issues and trauma and providing remedies. Also working with the police so people can reach out to them when in need.

  • Service Centers

Set up service centers so that people requiring help can reach us conveniently at all times.

Project Outcome

  • Flood Victims will be able to start their normal lifestyles again.
  • They will be able to enjoy their health.
  • They will develop self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Will be able to make their own decisions
  • ABC brand awareness throughout the globe. 

Time Frame

Following is an estimated time frame for the project:

Start of the projectAugust 2020
Phase 1: TrainingSeptember 2020
Phase 2: Visit Nha Trang, Can Tho, and Hue  October 2020
Phase 3: Thai Nguyen, DanangJanuary 2021
End of the projectMarch 2021
Project Estimated Time Frame

Travel Expense

A minimum of approximately $60,000is needed for travelling for this project of serving people and giving them a better life.


The budget outline below shows all expenditures involved in carrying out the project.

Community Construction$50,000
Transportation  $50,000
Miscellaneous Expenses$5,000
Budget Outline

Monitoring & Evaluation

We will prepare a report monthly so that our partners and sponsors can have a look at all the accomplishments. We will e-mail all the details about the project to all our funding bodies. If the concerned parties want to refer to the financial summary of the income and expenses, they would be able to access that by visiting our XYZ web site. We are planning to conduct surveys so that our program can be evaluated.

Your commitment will play a great role to make these victims respectable and responsible citizens of the country again.

Contact Us

You can contact us with any of the following ways:

Phone: 222-33432232
Email: [Email]
Website: [Website]

Travel Sponsorship Proposal Template
Travel Sponsorship Proposal Template