Video Advertisement Proposal for MS Word

I am associated and working with [X] since 2012. It is a multinational company that makes various products and is preferred by the public in its product range. I graduated in the field of multimedia and also completed a few courses related to digital media and its essentials.

I joined XYZ as an intern and worked in different disciplines with various mentors which ultimately honed my skills and help in a complete grasp of digital media. In addition to synthesizing products and marketing them through various channels, the company also provides special offers to its elite clients and makes products on demand. These products are one of a kind and cannot be manufactured again.

My work for the most part of my job was to make video advertisements for clients and get approval. These videos were used on different platforms for catching public attention, but they were not used for marketing and selling.

Video making is a huge business and involves many people, but it is one of the most used formats for advertising products. After serving in the business community for many years, I want to set up my own business and work as a freelancer as well as a private contractor to entertain clients nationally as well as internationally.

Over the years, I have learned the skill of managing various projects and clients at a time so it will not be difficult for me. I have already devised a proposal for my business venture and already looking at options for advertisements. Kindly consider my proposal a priority.

Anxiously awaiting your response.


Media has revolutionized enormously since the advancement in technology and completely changed the horizon. Digital media sat foot long ago and are now the preferred media platform used by companies. Initially, television and radio were the only media for receiving information either national or international. People relied on these media platforms for every news and believed it is without any further investigation.

Advertisement is referred to as the notice or public awareness of any product, service, news, or event. There are many forms of advertisements that are used for communicating information to the public and receiving their feedback.

The advertising industry is a huge domain as it progresses with the introduction of new products. It includes hundreds of people that communicate and come together for making and showcasing advertisements. There are companies that advertise, agencies involved in making advertisements, media is responsible for displaying, and a bunch of people involved in researching, editing, designing, and viewing.

There are many different methods of advertising and companies are often confused at the choice of medium that would have greater reach and will also be able to provide the specifications of the product that is being offered. The choice of medium is finalized by the nature of the product or service offered. Some multinational companies used 2 or 4 mediums to spread their services whereas small business owners use quick ways of advertising to get a boost and increase their revenue in a short span.

Some of the most used mediums in digital advertisements are mentioned below,

  1. Display Advertisements: These ads are also termed banners and can be any image, animated, or moving picture. They can either be displayed on roads in the form of still as the general public can easily view them or they are displayed on digital media i.e., blog posts, news, and websites, and are mostly horizontal on the top of the page. They can be vertical and are displayed along the margins. Banners are the most primitive form of advertisements and can be equally used on digital and non-digital media as they have high viewership.
  2. Video Advertisement: Video ads are the most popular in digital media marketing because they are entertaining, eye-catching, and full of colors and people. They have the capacity to explain a complex story and also focus greatly on the product by showing its manufacturing, packaging, and usage of the product in detail. These videos can be aired on different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and others and can get a viewership of thousands in a matter of minutes that is why it is a highly preferred medium.


Setting up a business can be very difficult as it requires determination and devotion. A business owner has to put up with a lot of tasks simultaneously and no amount of knowledge and experience can help them in this regard. The steps that need to be followed for achieving the goal are mentioned below,

  • Looking up the place to give it an official space title
  • Making the space to give it an appearance of a studio as well as an office for dealing with clients
  • Purchasing high-quality equipment for videography, editing, and other related tasks
  • Making soundproof walls to cut the noise while shooting
  • Ordering essentials of video making such as props, lights, gadgets, and others
  • Conducting trials for selecting fresh talent in advertisements
  • Contacting multinational companies for choosing us for their advertisements
  • Hiring staff members to perform tasks such as shooting, editing, voiceovers, adding graphics, and others
  • Hiring other staff to perform various chores around the office and studio which include cleaning, providing salaries to staff members, managing clients, contacting clients, receiving feedback, handling reception, organizing props, etc.
  • Employing effective marketing strategies to help the firm grow


Every business has its highs and lows which can only be ascertained after it has been set up and used by the public. Video advertisements are the products of digital media and are growing rapidly as the future world is based on it. The significance of video ads can be seen through the following points,

  • Videos can easily explain the message or story of the offered product or service which cannot be explained through images.
  • It is the advanced form of ads and will stay longer as it has received much praise and investment
Video advertisement proposal