Video Advertisement Proposal Template

What is a video advertisement proposal?

A video advertisement proposal is prepared by an individual or an agency that offers video advertisement services. By including all the relevant details, this proposal is presented to a potential client that is seeking such services.

Companies often opt for video advertisements to promote their products and services as it is easy to reach a wide audience as well as communicate the message clearly through a video. This function of video advertisements, however, is often outsourced to the outside media or advertising agencies due to their expertise or non-existence of internal advertising departments.

When the advertising agencies are trying to approach these clients, they undergo a process, the first step of which is submitting a video advertisement proposal. This signifies the critical nature of this document and hence, it should be prepared with proper homework and thoroughness.


Considerations before writing the porposal

Following are some of the considerations that should be kept in mind while making the proposal:

  • The proposal needs to be formal, professional and concise.
  • The cover page should be catchy enough as it is often the first thing that appeals to the client to look at the complete proposal. If the cover page is uninteresting, the client might not even bother to look into the details.
  • Testimonials or experience and expertise might prove to be a reason behind getting the contract.
  • Any display of work, through images or links, might make the proposal weighty.
  • It can be the marketing tool that the agency can use to promote its skills and expertise to the potential client.
  • The video demands of the client should be followed while developing a proposal for him.
  • An agency should avoid including any wrong or incorrect information in the proposal as it might have legal consequences.

Generic details of proposal

The needs and requirements of each client are different which dictates the format and the included details of the proposal. However, the general details in all the proposals are often the same, which include:

  • Executive summary/introduction.
  • Company profile.
  • Video Service details, including the software types and versions, duration of videos, etc.
  • Add-on services, if any. These may include helping the company find the relevant channels or platforms for video showing, negotiating with the platform managers, devising advertising strategy, administrating running of videos on different platforms, etc.
  • Other details, including target audience, timelines, financials, etc.
  • Skills, expertise and experience and competitive edge.
  • Benefits of the contract for the client company.
  • Probable or predictable effects of video advertising.
  • Terms and conditions.

If the proposal is captivating, the client would choose the advertising agency and enjoy their services. However, there is an equal chance of proposal rejection which is translated into wasted time, effort, and money of the agency.

Nevertheless, widening the client base is a continuous struggle. The number of clients the agency takes up or manages at one particular time is based on the scope and limitations of its services.

Sample Video Advertisement Proposal Template

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