Waste Material Recycling Business Proposal

I have been associated with the department of waste material for 12 years. I started my career as an assistant in the following department and due to my hard work and determination, I reached the rank of manager and lead a team of 5 competent members. The job description for my department is to free different areas of the city from waste material in different ways. We visit several areas daily and charge the victims for collecting waste material and not disposing of it properly.

In the residential areas, heaps of waste material from domestic use causes many diseases in children and older people therefore, it is important to get rid of it as soon as possible. To maintain cleanliness, cleaners are hired and assigned specific areas to collect garbage and clean the area. Garbage trucks collect garbage each day and move it to recycling units or landfills.

I have witnessed many incidents of accumulated waste and always thought of installing a recycling plant to reuse domestic waste. Finally, I am working on my idea due to my approaching retirement which will provide me with an ample amount of money and time to set up my venture. All the start-ups related to waste management are approved by the XYZ department therefore, I have designed a business proposal of my idea and attached it with the following letter.

Your response is awaited.


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Manager at Department of Waste material


Recycling is the process of reusing waste material and producing new materials and objects. There are a number of materials that are used daily and can be reused. If waste materials are not reused, they are subjected to landfills which is a process of burying compressed waste in the ground and wait for it to decompose. Most of the material is decomposed by microbes in the soil whereas, other elements are reduced based on their half-lives.

The decomposition of waste produces greenhouse gases that accumulate in the environment and causes difficulty in breathing. To avoid landfills, waste material is recycled which provides reuse of useful material found in waste, less consumption of natural resources, and prevent water pollution through landfills.


Recycling can be of 3 types based on the nature of waste material. These types include,

  1. Primary Recycling: Primary recycling is the process of reusing waste material to make the same material. For instance, paper is recycled to make more paper.
  2. Secondary Recycling: Secondary recycling is the process of reusing waste material into the production of material in the same form.
  3. Tertiary Recycling: Tertiary recycling includes the breakdown of material in waste through chemicals and producing new materials.

Action Plan

Working on the new plant will provide an opportunity to reuse domestic waste as it is very rich in nutrients and can be used for various purposes. Waste material will be collected from 5 residential areas and its recycling will be done in the following manner,

  • All the scraps of fruits and vegetables will be used for making compost. Compost is a natural fertilizer that is made from the waste of vegetables, plants, and soil, which provides microbes, for decomposing scraps and providing fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used in the kitchen or home gardening. This fertilizer can also turn into a business by selling it to people for the purpose of kitchen gardening.
  • Glass in domestic waste is obtained from broken bottles or jars. It can be melted and given a new shape. It can then be used for the same purpose of storing by molding it into containers or jars.
  • Paper from newspapers, envelopes, invitation cards, and other sources is used to make other types of paper. Recycled paper is not used for writing rather it can be used for making envelopes or for prints.


It is difficult to build a business from scratch. It requires a large amount of money and time to bring it up from its foundation and make it run and become successful. Such a huge task can only be completed by dividing it into small, manageable tasks which can be,

  • Renting a place for installing a recycling plant.
  • Purchasing all the equipment required for the plant.
  • Hiring employees to work in the departments of management, administration, cleaning, collecting garbage, distributing products.
  • Collection of domestic waste from assigned areas after approval from the XYZ department.
  • Separation of waste based on similarities i.e. wood is in one pile whereas, glass is in another pile.
  • Running of the plant by using waste.
  • Performing different techniques of recycling based on the nature of the waste.

Keys to success

There are no hard and fast rules to achieve success in any business, it depends on hard work and patience that is put into the business. Some of the key points that can be followed to achieve success include,

  • Mentioning recycled items on each product to let the public know about their origin.
  • Production of something valuable from waste.
  • Helping people by removing domestic waste from their area.


Each start-up requires a huge amount of money as everything is to be purchased or rented. It can be very difficult for a person to start a business from savings. Most of the businesses are started after taking loans from banks or by finding investors who are ready to invest in your start-up.

Money is required for following chores,

  • Rent of the building.
  • Hiring employees
  • Pay of employees.
  • Large bins.
  • Machinery for melting and molding glass.
  • Trays for paper production.
  • Packaging of the products.
  • Labeling of products.

Marketing strategies

The success of each business depends on the marketing strategies that are employed for endorsing the product. These may include,

  • Brochures are used that contain all information and can be pasted throughout the city.
  • Emails can be made to local vendors for showcasing our products.


Waste Material Recycling Business Proposal