Water Purification Business Proposal

It is stated that I have been a resident of London since birth, and I am aware of all its roads and restaurants. I have been associated with the water quality control department of government and make sure that citizens enjoy purified water as compared to non-purified, dirty water. Due to my approaching retirement, I considered it a good way to return to the community with something I know all about.

I want to set up a water purification business and register it at XYZ department. Water purification is the process of removing undesirable solids, liquids, or gases from water and makes it safe for consumption. Water is purified and disinfected for a variety of reasons such as industrial, medical, pharmacological, and chemical applications. But the major goal is to use it for consumption. Not only it will provide clean water to the community, but it will also keep me busy during my retirement days. The purification plant will be installed in a factory and all its work will be handled by a capable team.

I have shaped a proposal for the pros of this business venture and attached the following letter. Kindly consider my request and allow me to start this setup as it is good for the citizens of London.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Patrick Dempsey
Water Quality control department
Contact [X]


Water is a necessity of life and every person either rich or poor is entitled to drink clean, free from germs water. Our earth is 70% water and still, people are not getting clean water to drink due to a lack of policies that can produce clean water. It is a neglected domain in government eyes, they made a water quality control department to check and keep things in order, but do not make any other policy to overcome the shortage of water. More than half of the world is devoid of clean drinking water resulting in diseases. Water used by most people lacks essential minerals and nutrients that can complete the nutrients intake in the body if present.

The reason behind my business of water purification is to provide the public with clean drinking water at minimal wages to overcome a dozen diseases caused by the intake of unclean water. Throughout my service at the department, I have witnessed several occasions where people are not capable of getting their hands to clean water and are forced to use the water which is available for drinking as well as performing other chores. If one of these set up us successfully working, I wish to install such plants in different cities to help people.


Setting up a purification plant is a very time-consuming, financially draining, and difficult task but I have divided it into several steps,

  • Permission to start such a business venture in London.
  • Setting up the building to install a purification plant.
  • Purchasing all the components of the plant to make it run smoothly.
  • Buying all the equipment for storing and packaging water.
  • Deciding name and policies for the purification business.

Methods of Purification

Different methods can be employed for the purification of water. Either a single method or a combination of methods can be used to achieve good results. Some of these methods include,

  1. Physical: Physical methods such as filtration, sedimentation is used to filter large solid particles from dirty water.
  2. Chemical: Chemical methods use specific chemicals that react with the impurities of water and convert them into insoluble substances which can be easily filtered. e.g., chlorination,
  3. Biological: Biological methods use living organisms or their components to eradicate impurities such as microbes interact with soluble impurity and change their soluble properties so they can be easily separated.
  4. Radiations: Electromagnetic radiations i.e., gamma rays are used to kill bacteria and other parasites found in water.


After the pandemic of 2020, everything has become expensive, and it is very difficult to make both ends meet. Each step requires money. The start-up cost of the plant includes,

  • Renting space to set up the business.
  • The machinery of the plant.
  • Unclean water.
  • Utilities.
  • Bottles for packaging.

Keys to success

To gain the approval of the public is a very difficult task and can only be achieved by following some success rules such as,

  • No compromise on the quality of water and only high-quality water will be supplied to the public.
  • Response to the comments and feedback of the public is very important as it assures them that the company is listening to them.
  • Connections with corporate people to draw their attention towards the basic needs of a poor man.
  • Cost-effectiveness of water as high-priced water will not be affordable by the public.


Distribution of water in a way that it reaches the maximum number of people is necessary and should be performed diligently. Following methods can be used to ensure its reach to the public,

  • Individual

Bottled water can be sold to individual customers on demand. For this purpose, bottles are placed at counters in different outlets, grocery stores, or personal shops.

  • Distributors

Bottled water can be sold to different distributors in bulk and from there it can be distributed to the different shopkeepers and other store owners. Distributors ensure the movement of products to different places from their origin.


Packing of water is done in plastic bottles that can be reused either for storing water or any other liquid. Packaging of water comes in different shapes based on their quantity. It can be,

  • A regular bottle for a single person. It is easy to hold and can be refilled.
  • 1-liter bottle for a day as it does not require a refill for a single person.
  • 5-liter bottle for a family having dinner or going out for a picnic.
  • 5-liter bottles for regular use at home for drinking or cooking.


Water Purification Business Proposal

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