Website Design Proposal Templates

How better you attract your customers towards you depends on the quality of the proposal you write. As a web designer, your job is not only to design a website but also to design a proposal for your potential customers. The clients want to receive the best proposal before hiring any website designer.

A website design proposal has to be an influential document that can grab the attention of the clients. An effectively written website design proposal is a professional-looking document that includes the information that tells the client about the total cost of the website design as well as the procedures needed to be followed for designing a website.

Furthermore, a proposal also includes information about the web designer. Your proposal should be able to give plenty of reasons why you are the best web designer that they should choose.


A website design proposal is a document that is written by the website designer who wants to sell his design services. The purpose of writing the website design proposal is to persuade the client to hire the designer sending the proposal.

The details to be included in the proposal vary. However, some of the common details are:

  1. The cover page of the proposal

It is the first page of the proposal that your client sees. To make a connection with your clients quickly, using the cover page is the best strategy. The cover page does not have to be very complex. Sometimes, your clients are tired of receiving complex proposals with lots of complicated details. Your simple-looking proposal cover page can make a big difference. You can easily write the cover page by including those details in the proposal that can make engagement with your clients.

  1. Tell your client that you understand the problems:

Every client wishes to have an understanding designer. The proposal should be able to tell the problems that are faced by the client. You are more likely to get hired if your proposal is capable enough to address the problems of the client.

  1. Explain the solution:

Once you have addressed the problems of the client, come to the solution to those problems. Make sure that your recommended solution is relevant to the problems you have addressed earlier in the proposal. If your solutions are relevant and useful for the client, he will accept your proposal.

  1. Mention your key skills:

Every web designer possesses the skill of designing websites. Why your client should choose you is the main point. If you want your client to accept your proposal, you should be able to give some reasons for your client for choosing you. Tell those skills in the proposal which are extraordinary and are not possessed by most web designers.

  1. Conclusion:

End the proposal with a statement of the call to action. Give your contact details where you can be contacted if your proposal is accepted.


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