Website Proposal for Club House

Company: ABC Software Solutions
Chicago, USA

Client: XYZ Club House
Main Blvd.
New York City, NY

Date: 30th August, 20XX

Website Proposal for XYZ Club House

Executive Summary

Digital Marketing is nowadays one of the most influential ways for businesses to reach target customers. Through websites, internet users interact with thousands of brands daily. It can be considered as one of the best mediums to help increase the Company’s communication, raise brand awareness, and interaction with its audience. A well-designed user-friendly website serves as the backbone of any business and its importance extends to all aspects of digital marketing strategies. We, at ABC software Solutions, offer our services to give a clear idea about the business and services through websites and we have prepared this proposal for XYZ Club House to support their cause through digital marketing.

Company Introduction

ABC Software Solutions is a Digital Marketing & Management Agency founded in 2002 in Chicago, Illinois. Along with creating spectacular web sites, we offer a wide range of social media services and search engine services. We help our clients to provide better engagement with their customers. We are the best at what we do and our prices are very competitive. 



Our services include the following:

  • Web Development
  • Health & Fitness web development
  • Retail web development
  • Banking solutions
  • Tourism development
  • Social Media Content
  • Branding
  • Influencer Marketing

Problem Statement

ABC is a brilliant clubhouse offering hope and empowerment to people recovering from mental illness. It has helped hundreds of people to date and continues to serve the community. However, ABC requires a full website, developed to further support the growth of the business. The website will help you promote your aims and support to a lot bigger audience. People will be able to see advertisements on other social media pages about the website and through search engines. This will also enhance brand awareness.


ABC will develop a website for the XYZ Club House that will showcase all the features of the Club House. A large number of people will be able to view your web site on tablets, mobiles, and smartphones. More audience will get to know about the services you deliver, the atmosphere you offer, and the handling you provide.


Our team of experts in every field, provide the easiest, secure, and user-friendly webpages. Once the website has been developed, you will be able to do the following, regularly:

  • Update data and photographs or images on the website, to stay up-to-date and relevant.
  • Easy to keep track of site performance.
  • Add more information to the home page and the latest news tab.
  • Mention any offers running.

Website Structure

The website will consist of the following pages:

Home Page:

This page will contain a title page. Also, the tabs of About, Programs, Calendar, Contact, Latest News, page A, page B.

About: The About page will contain brief information and an introduction about the XYZ Club House. When and how it was established, its founders, its services, etc.

Programs: This tab will hold information about the programs offered at XYZ Club House.

  1. Program A
  2. Program B
  3. Program C

Calendar: The calendar page will provide information about the events held at the Club House.

Latest News: If there are any promotions or latest updates about the Club House, they will be featured under this tab.


The whole process will take around 10-12 weeks. The details are provided below:


Our team will thoroughly learn and understand the business and business needs. They will come up with a plan to incorporate all this in the website. Also, we will look at your competition and their webpages to make yours stand out the most.

Time: 2 weeks


The next step will be to design the website. Our web designers will come up with more than 4 possible layouts for you to choose from. Any feedback will be encouraged. A final look of the page will be finalized, the layout, the header, the home page, and subpages will be finalized and approved.

Time: 2 weeks


The photos needed for the website will be taken by our in-house photographer. They will take good quality high-resolution pictures so the website looks professional and descriptive.

  • Photographs of the Club House, inside and outside.
  • Photographs of the owner and staff.
  • Photographs of the services offered with some of the staff and patients.

Time: 2-4 days


We will be using HTML and Java scripts to develop the finalized website. Our team of expert developers always aim for efficiency and security.

Time: 4-5 weeks


After the development of the webpage, our team will dry-run the website for testing. For further improvement, we will test it will live users too so that we get the feedback and improve the quality of our end product. We will be conducting the following testing:

  • Desktop Browser Testing: Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Internet.
  • Mobile Browser Testing: Android and IOS

Time: 1-2 weeks

Customer Support

We offer customer support to our clients after the website has been designed. Our team constantly supports and assists after the website launch to help if there is any query or difficulty.

Time: 16 weeks


All the ads on the internet will be optimized by our company to ensure the maximum click-through rate on the website. Web Banners will be placed providing a direct link to the company’s page on different social media platforms.


The total cost of the website development and launch will be $10,000. The details are provided below:



  • ABC will work hard and with sincerity to exceed your company’s expectation on the website deliverance, provided that XYZ provides us with all the needed data to the best of their knowledge.

Terms and Conditions

  • The agreement shall be governed and constructed under the law of the State of Illinois.
  • As soon as the companies reach an agreement, XYZ will pay 50% of the total fee, promptly.
  • The remaining 50% payment shall be made at the time of deliverance.
  • XYZ will provide all the details about the purchases and other information for the processing of invoices.
  • XYZ will have the right to cancel, modify, or stop this project, however, they will be bound to reimburse all the cost and expenses before the termination/altering of the project. 
  • If any part of the agreement is held illegal or invalid, then the provision will be severable.
  • All the elements used in the website, such as databases, photographs, etc. will be the property of XYZ.


An audit will be done after the first month to ensure that the plans are accomplished in a cost-effective and organized manner. A ‘right to audit’ clause will be included in the contract so that internal auditors can observe the records.


In case a cyber-attack occurs and corrupts the website or elements related to it, Our Company has Professional liability insurance as well as the Cyber Insurance to deal with such problems and provide protection.

Contact us

You can contact us in any of the following ways:

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Website proposal for club house