Wedding Consultant Business Proposal

I have been associated with a wedding planner for 5 years. I started my job as an assistant, worked for 4 years, and later was promoted to senior management and served for 5 years. I planned many events including bridal shower, marriage ceremony, engagement, birthdays, welcome, farewell, and so on. After 4 years of my job, I realized my potential in this field and decided to take a course in event management, which I passed with flying colors. The course further enhanced my management skills, and I landed a job in management. I have great reviews from my ex-employers and want to move forward.

I came with the idea of being on my own and do things my way without any authority above my head. I have gained immense experience during my service of 9 years which shaped me into a fine consultant. I would set up my business and hire a team to work with me.

XYZ society approves all businesses related to weddings and their shenanigans therefore, I am attaching a complete proposal of my new venture with the following letter. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Meredith Grey
Address: House # 76, Street # 7 Block 5, London


Wedding consultants are individuals that interact with the bride and groom to plan and carry out all the functions of a wedding smoothly. No specific qualification is required for becoming a planner or a consultant, but it does require a vision for locations and how different things complement each other. It requires a creative mind that can make any ordinary thing magnanimous.

The responsibilities of consultants are huge as they have to manage each minor detail related to the wedding and have to answer to people who hire them. They interact with many people to bring out the results which are required by the couple.

A wedding consultant works with a team of competent people that make sure that everything is arranged to perfection and all flaws are taken care of. In addition to planning and execution, consultants also tolerate tantrums of couples as they are anxious for the biggest moment of their lives.

Weddings are grand events and grander the wedding, more people are involved in managing it. People spend millions on these events to make sure that their guests remember it for their lifetime and tell tales to their children.

All tasks are managed and completed by a wedding consultant. Consultants are hired long before the wedding to decide everything as there are many themes selected and rejected by the bride or groom or their family members. It is crucial for wedding consultants to have good communication skills so that they can tell if something is possible or not. They also tolerate if any family member misbehaves or does not act according to the theme. Many times, consultants have to make last-minute arrangements because the bride or groom has a change of heart.


Setting up a wedding consultant business in a male-dominated world can be very difficult as it required patience and connections. This tedious task can be achieved by dividing it into small, doable, and manageable steps which are mentioned below,

  • Looking for a perfect location for the office which attracts clients and is also in the center of the city.
  • Buying furniture and other utilities for the office to make it presentable for clients.
  • Hiring a team of professional and creative individuals.
  • Deciding name and policies for the business.
  • Making connections by attending events and making sure that people know about the business.


After consultations with the bride and groom about their likings and how they wish they want their wedding to be, all tasks are performed by the wedding consultant. Couple and consultant conduct meetings to decide each aspect of the wedding and everything is provided by the consultant, which includes,

  • Deciding location for the venue and making sure that it is rented on the specific date and time.
  • Sending invites to the list of guests arranged by the couple.
  • Follow back on invites to know who will attend the wedding.
  • Making arrangements for seating on the wedding location for every guest.
  • Provide assistance to the bride in choosing her bridal dress and accessories.
  • Finalizing decor of the wedding venue.
  • Contacting florists for adorning all the tables with flowers.
  • Ordering cake for the couple at the end of the ceremony.
  • Hiring a photographer or videographer for the wedding.
  • Hiring DJ for music.


Although no specific qualification is required for a wedding consultant but following skills will come in handy in the professional field,

  • Marketing skills for endorsing their service to the right audience.
  • Management of the whole team and other people to run functions smoothly.
  • Administration skills to lead a team of all the employees.
  • Financial knowledge to work on a tight budget.
  • Communication skills for communicating with people having different opinions or views and explain your thoughts.
  • Creative mind to envision locations and settings for décor.

Keys to success

For a wedding consultant, success lies in making customers happy through,

  • Providing what was planned for the event.
  • Managing the team to avoid any incident.
  • Provide highly professional service which is flawless.
  • Workaround in a tight budget to attract average families as well.
  • Little knowledge of wedding traditions can be helpful to make a mark.
  • Mind your own business and your own mistakes.

Marketing strategies

The success of every business lies in the choice of strategies used for marketing. Following strategies can be employed for promoting a wedding consultant business,

  • Emails can be sent to former clients and let them know of your services so they can spread the word to their near and dear ones.
  • Brochures at the bridal shop, beauty salons can be seen by expecting brides.
  • Using social media for advertising your business.


Wedding Consultant Business Proposal