Work from Home Proposal to Boss

To: Chuck Charles
New York City, NY

From: Lara Samson
Assistant Manager,
New York City, NY

RE: Work from Home Proposal
Date:   30th June, 20XX
Dear Mr. Charles,

I have been an employee of ABC for the past 5 years. I have been a proud, committed, and loyal team member of our company. As you know I have recently had my twin babies, I find it quite difficult to attend my office promptly and fulfill my motherly duties. Moreover, now my commute time is more than an hour because of our shifting to the new place. I would like to work from home for the next few months. This way, I will be more productive and attentive towards work commitments.


I am formally putting up a request for working from home so I can give my hundred percent to the office work, with the convenience of being at home.

I have attached my proposal along with this request letter. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Thank you for your consideration.

Lara Samson

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Proposal for Working from Home

Executive Summary

I would like to continue working for ABC remotely from home. I have the additional responsibility of twin babies, who are still very young, and it’s getting hard for me to balance my work and home commitments. However, I want to stay devoted to my work and would like to continue delivering the best of my abilities. The work from home flexibility will give me a more relaxed environment to work from and be more productive. Moreover, I would be able to have the following:

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Work from different locations
  • More time with the young babies

Work Management

Client Meetings

I will go and meet the clients if extremely necessary. Otherwise, I will be available for group meetings via video communication software, such as Zoom, Facetime, etc.

Report Writing and Submitting

I will be accessing the online database and will continue making reports. Since their deadlines are mentioned, I will be supporting them. I will also be in contact with my fellow employees in case of insufficient material or any crises.

Substitute/Office Supervision

Mr. Kale is familiar with my daily operations and schedules and he can be of great help during my absence, however, I will be available online for all the help required. Also, I would like to mention Mr. Smith, he has been dealing with the presentation lately with me and is on-board. They both can be my physical representation in the office for the first few weeks, if necessary.

Communication Arrangements

I will be accessible during the working hours and I will be in contact with my supervisor and my co-workers via e-mails and phones.

Sharing Information

I will be sharing my data and information via e-mails, hard-disks and personally visiting the office sometimes if needed.


I have set up an office area in my basement. I have the office laptop, the office-smartphone, and a personal computer for working and keeping in touch with the workplace. My internet connection is high-speed fiber broadband.


I will ask the IT department to make all the necessary arrangements needed to connect to the office system from home. Once the proposal gets accepted, they will install the required software to access shared files and data.


I want to first try it for 60-days and see how it goes from there. I have thoroughly reviewed my past work calendar and concluded that Tuesdays are relatively slow and have less workload. This will give me time to do my home chores and run some errands. I have prepared a proposed work schedule and the details are provided below. I realize that it is essential to stick to a schedule when telecommunicating and I will be updating my shared calendar and indicating my availability.

I have prepared a work proposal for the following week.

Current Work schedule

Working HoursActivityStart DateFinish Date
xClient meeting4-7-20205-7-2020
xCall for presentation5-7-20206-7-2020
xFinal approval8-7-202010-7-2020
xProposal presentation11-7-202011-7-2020

Proposed Work Schedule

Working HoursActivityAlternative/ SolutionStart DateFinish Date
xEvaluationWork online1-7-20203-7-2020
xClient meetingAttend4-7-20205-7-2020
xCall for presentationVia internet5-7-20206-7-2020
xFinal approvalVia internet8-7-202010-7-2020
xProposal presentationKale and Smith can attend11-7-202011-7-2020


  • Sometimes information security is a concern, if there is a chance of confidential data being leaked and hacked, I will contact the IT department to make the necessary arrangements.  
  • I shall be responsible for the damage or loss of company equipment, such as the laptop and smartphone, etc. Any expenses incurred, can be deducted from my salary.

Contact Information

Lara Samson

Work from Home Proposal to Boss
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