Proposal Templates for MS Word

What is a proposal?

Proposal writing is the backbone of a business project for the business providers and is vital for the success of the contract. A proposal is a type of writing in which you frame your idea of the project, implementation method, strategical requirement, teamwork frame, and theoretical analysis of the possible outcomes of the project and business deal. A proposal is written to the client with whom the company or the vendor is doing the business project. The company pens down the proposal with great effort to win the possible benefits.

Who writes the Proposals?

Proposals are written by the vendors after receiving tenders or letters of tenders in which interest for the bid is expressed. A tender is responded with proper proposals while a tender letter can be responded with a proposal letter.

Difference between proposal and proposal letter

The only difference between proposal and proposal letter is that in proposal writing one gives a detailed overview and information regarding the project and the possible outcomes while in a proposal letter, one has to present the concept or idea of the project. Hence, proposal writing is a long and tiresome job whereas a letter can be written in a significant length of 300-500 words depending on the project details.

Proposal Writeup

Proposal templates are the name of the checklists that one uses to inculcate in the proposal writing. A proposal writing includes the following elements:


The first and the most important thing in the proposal is the introduction. An introduction can make you win or lose a project. In the introduction, a detailed overview of the company is given. Following things about the company can be mentioned

  • Full official and authorized name of the company
  • Establishment
  • Slogan
  • Field of work
  • Specialization
  • Introduction of the recent and significant projects
  • Introduce the umbrella of project strategy

Project Details:

Owing to the invitation to the bid, project details are mentioned in the proposal. In this part of the proposal all about the concept should be introduced.

Following things should be kept in mind while writing project details

  • The idea should be clearly stated and without any ambiguity
  • It should be devoid of difficult terminologies and vocabulary
  • It should adjoin the bid invitation of the tendering party
  • It should be concrete and devoid of repetitive details

Strategies of the Implementation:

In this part of the proposal, all the strategies should be introduced. Strategies are the tools by which a project would be operated. Presenting your strategy in clear terms will give an extra benefit to your business deal as it can build a constructive image about the competency of the work.

Methodology for the Project Implementation:

In this part of the proposal, the writer is required to frame and then present the methodology by which the project would proceed. In this part, the writer needs to state clear methods and tools by which the project shall be operated and finally accomplished.

Possible Consequences:

In the final part of the proposal, the writer would justify and present the most possible and brighter side of the anticipated results of the project. One has to give clear statements on how the project would conclude by giving desired results. Additionally, it is encouraged to infer possible facts and figures entailing how the project would be a success and benefit for both of the parties.

Team Layout:

At the end of the proposal document, it is also desirable to add the introduction to the team comprising of different members like team leader, project manager, assistant project manager, project analyst, research assistant(s), and other members for project management. Some companies also add the number of manpower to be added in the project to carry out all the tasks.

Length of a Proposal:

A project proposal can be of different lengths, i.e., it can be of 2-3 pages, or it can also be of 30-50 pages depending on the project nature, company’s profile, and the choice of adding things/detail in the proposal.

Road construction project proposal template

Proposal Templates:

Proposal templates indicate and frame the layout of a proposal quintessential for the success of a project. Different Proposal templates are available on this website where one can seek the most suitable layout appropriate for the nature of the project and company.

Example in preview: Construction project proposal