Home Decor Proposal Template

It is respectfully stated that I have been working with ABC Designs for 5 years. After completing my graduation in Interior Designs, I joined this company to gain some experience and work with top designers and learn.

Later, I joined the team permanently and have since been working hard to make a permanent position in the field of interior designing. ABC designs provide consultations to its valued customers regarding the interiors of their homes, offices, or any other workplaces. They have completely changed the horizon of this industry because of their continuous success stories.

In addition to taking on big projects of buildings and houses, ABC also takes pride in transforming small places such as wardrobes, rooms, boutiques, salons, etc. It does not let any customer down and provides services regardless of their wealth and name.

I have been an assistant to the top designer and have been attending meetings and taking notes since the beginning. I have given my critical viewpoints on various projects and have always received appreciation from the seniors.

I have gained a lot of experience since my graduation and want to use it for something productive. I will never let the team down. Recently, our team has acquired another project of home decor and I would like to take a lead on it.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


Home decor is the process of renovating homes and residential spaces with modern and latest aesthetics yet making them comfortable and peaceful. Earlier, people used to live in houses made of mud but still, they kept them aesthetically pleasing and presentable. Man has always struggled to make their home cozier and more and more welcoming.

Later, with the advent of technology and its products, the field of interior designing came into being and changed the horizon of decorating homes completely. This field includes professionals and experienced individuals, also knows and interior designers, who have the ability to completely transform the space and provide something new by using the gifts of technology and the modern world.

Home, as compared to offices and other workplaces, are different to design as they should be comfortable and peaceful for the family to live and also likable to host guests and others. Home decor requires a complete team that makes in all the details and dimensions of the house and works from room to room to give it a new look.

A team of interior designers always puts the requirements of their clients before them while designing to make sure that their ideas will be liked by their clients. Mostly, clients are presented with 2 or 3 ideas regarding their home, one of which is accepted by them as it is or with a few modifications according to their taste.

Interior designers always keep the culture, requirements, religious beliefs, and professional and personal life of clients before them to design their houses accordingly.

A recent project of the company is by their valued clients and their offices were also designed by our company. In order to design the proposal, I along with my team went to the location and took everything into account for coming up with a design.

Action Plan

Every design is different and requires is embellished with different features depending on the requirements of clients or the nature of the designer. Some designs are loved by everyone while others are not able to take their place due to their unique or common features. The design presented to the client is as follows,

  • Addition of modern tiles to the floor as compared to old tiles which provide a rough look.
  • Painting walls of the lounge with soothing colors to add more room and hanging abstract paintings to complete the look.
  • The walls of kid’s rooms will be painted with a textured pattern thus, giving them a modern look.
  • Carpeting the small part of the kid’s room to give it the shape of the play area.
  • The Master bedroom will be equipped with a sofa-bed to complete its look.


Home decor proposal template