Media Sponsorship Proposal

I, Erica Dane, have been working with ABC Media House for 7 years. This media house is one of the few houses that cover the truth behind the story instead of gaining revenue from spicing up stories. We struggle hard each day to bring all the facts to our viewers and make sure that nothing remains hidden.

I work at the rank of a manager and have been involved in different departments such as creative and production aspects of advertisements, meetings with clients and also taking care of the props production on the set.

Work done by media house has a lot of variety and cover almost every aspect of media life. There are many topics that can be highlighted using the power of media and awareness can be spread through the right medium but most of these advertisements and plays do not find the right sponsor.

I have been a part of a creative team that is involved in making plays targeting social norms and taboos of the society which has ruined the lives of many people. These plays are not sponsored yet, but it is important to find the right sponsor so that message can reach the masses and have the ability to bring a change in the audience.

I have already designed a proposal for media sponsorship and attached it with the following letter. Kindly consider my request at your earliest.

Anxiously awaiting your response.


Companies and brands always strive to invest in projects that would have a strong impact on the audience and will be able to convey the related message.

While sponsoring an event or a play or any other activity, brands get the chance to represent themselves and gain publicity whereas those projects or events, which do not have money, but their message is clear, get money from sponsors to spend on the events. It is a type of mutual understanding between event organizers and sponsors in which both are mutually benefitted.

For large-scale events, sponsors require a lot of publicity and may also share their sponsorship of the event through their social media handles. These not only provide them with a proper watch time but also increase awareness of the public regarding a social event.

In addition, events coverage in newspapers and other media platforms also contributes to the publicity of sponsors. In exchange for providing financial aid to finance the event, sponsors provide their customized banners and slogans to be displayed throughout events as they increase their viewership and the public understands their relation to the event.

Action Plan

Sponsors can be contacted by following a certain protocol to keep matters official. Steps taken to acquire sponsors are given below,

  • Make a complete proposal for the event
  • Present proposal to desired sponsors
  • Arrange meetings and take feedback.
  • Confirm a sponsor and prepare for the event.


Every business, activity, venture, or event has its own pros and cons that are weighed down and concluded to be worthy or not. The significance of media sponsorship can be highlighted from the following points,

  • Social events or events of youth are not welcomed by anyone therefore, these sponsorships allow them to display their abilities to the public.
  • Brands are always after publicity and reach so financing an event provides them with enough coverage.
  • Marketing of products and services can be done through these events by allocating bloggers or social media influences to showcase the products of sponsors.
  • Many sponsors provide their products and present them to event attendees in order to increase the reach of their products.
  • Media outlets sponsor events as a community service and promote themselves.
  • Sponsors get their names associated with community events.

It is always beneficial to have media sponsors for the event as it saves you the cost of advertising events on various platforms. The task of advertising events is achieved through sponsors and their advertising and marketing agencies to promote events for their own benefit.

Not only does it give a great reach to the event, but it also increases its credibility. Coverage of sponsors on TV and radio would also be beneficial for the event because of all the sponsorship.

Media sponsorship proposal template