Gift Shop Business Proposal

I always had a keen eye for antique pieces and have gained enormous knowledge in my 4 years of experience. This shop deals in vintage items that are either purchased by the employer himself or often unique items are turned in by digging enthusiasts after their successful ventures. To make a vintage shop work successfully is not an easy task as every item in the collection is extremely expensive due to the history associated with it.

Vintage shops only run successfully if the employer is well connected among people who have money and interest in vintage collections. Some of these items are gifted by the buyers while many are kept in their own vintage collection.

If the employer receives a unique piece that is liked by many buyers, then an auction is held to sell those items to the buyer with the highest bid. Auction not only raises the bar of the purchase high, but it also brings fame to the shop as the word spreads quickly. Most of the items displayed at the shop include vases, ornaments, lamps, decoration pieces, vintage machines, and other valuables.

After years of working in the shop, I have collected enough finances to set up a business of my own. I have always cared for the aesthetics of simple things and turned them into worthy and presentable gift items. I have already devised a business proposal for my plan and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval. Kindly consider my request.

Eagerly waiting for your response.


Gifts are the items that are presented to other individuals as a token of appreciation, gratitude, or celebration. They are handed out without any expectation of return in any form. Gifts can be in the form of items or cash depending upon the occasion and nature of the environment.

Mostly, gifts are given on birthdays and other important celebrations i.e., anniversaries, homecoming, graduation, new house or car, and other similar achievements.

It helps in further increasing the celebrations of the receiver as these gifts are tokens of celebrating the happiness of others and being with them in every aspect. Most gifts are given based on the age and preferences of the receiver so that they are happy to receive them and use them accordingly.

Gifts can be expensive or economical based on the financial capacity of the giver and the gifts they decide to give. In recent years, the gifts industry has bloomed enormously due to its excessive use.

Different types of wrapping materials have changed the prospect of gifting. In addition, ribbons, ornaments, and other accessories further enhance the packaging of gifts thus, making them more attractive. It has changed the whole concept of gifting by making it more presentable.

Thus, I have decided to set up my business in a manner that provides a one-stop-shop for gifts and packaging. It will provide all sorts of packing material and accessories to further embellish gifts. Some of the most gifted items include frames, vases, decor items, stationery, and other valuable materials.


To lay the foundation of a start-up is not an easy task as it requires determination, thorough knowledge of the field, and finances to assist the business in its growth and development. This hard task can only be achieved by dividing it into small, manageable objectives which are mentioned below,

  • Renting a place for setting up the store.
  • Organizing an office space to take care of official matters.
  • Taking on different ventures to collect items for gift collection.
  • Purchasing packing material, accessories, and other embellishments for packaging.
  • Hiring a staff to deal with different tasks around the store I.e., checking at thrift stores for unique gifts, purchasing different items from foreign markets to add to the collection.
  • Hiring staff for cleaning, managing, packing, and other tasks.
  • Employing good marketing strategies to spread the word.

Keys to success

There are no hard and fast rules to achieve success, it requires continuous efforts and a strong will to make things happen. Some of the key rules that can be followed include,

  • Always provide great services to every customer to gain their trust.
  • Never compromise on the quality of the product provided to the customer.
  • Always welcome criticism and feedback to become better.


Every start-up, as well as a running business, requires a specific skill set to achieve success. It is not an overnight process but takes months or years to develop and then become successful. Some of the skills that can prove their worth in every field include,

  • Communication is the key to the success of almost every business because each business is based on customers, and they can either make it or break it. Good communication skills allow you to have a productive conversation with your customer and provide required services.
  • Financial knowledge is the foundation of every successful business as each deal requires the exchange of finances thus, it helps in the success. Moreover, it frees you from hiring extra help to manage your finances.
  • Management of different tasks at one time can prove to be beneficial for every setup. It assists in providing exceptional services to every customer without a load of work and other responsibilities. The workload can get to every owner and detract them from their path and thus can lead to poor service. But managing tasks can do wonders if done continuously.
  • Leadership qualities allow you to manage your team in a manner that maximum productivity is achieved in less time. It is important to provide an amicable and workable environment to every employee as it leads to good performance. A good leader carefully listens to the problems of their employee and try to manage them accordingly.


Gift Shop Business Proposal Template