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It is stated that I, Martin Henderson, have been working with the research team on pest control for 11 years. I joined the team as a fresh researcher after my studies and later was promoted to the rank of senior researcher and scientist.

I govern a team of 8 competent scientists, and we conduct experiments on the behalf of the government. Research laboratories are all funded by the government to carry out different projects and share the results with related authorities so that they can be put to practical use.

In the field of pest control, each day a new component is passed through rigorous testing to evaluate its potential against pests. Some of the components are natural and are extracted from natural resources while others are chemicals and can be synthesized in laboratories according to demand.

Over the years, we have performed hundreds of experiments on many components and evaluated their pest control properties. I have served my purpose at the laboratory and contributed significantly to the pest control department.

I am willing to leave this field of research and set up a related business. Being in the field, I have gained knowledge that research is not enough unless it is performed practically, and we lack businesses of such sort. I would like to set up my own business of fumigation in the field to put my research to use.

I have already designed a proposal for my idea and attached it with the following letter to seek your approval. Kindly consider my request at your earliest.

Anxiously waiting for your response.

Fumigation business proposal letter

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Fumigation is the process of killing pests including rodents, insects, bed bugs, and spiders by using chemicals in the form of smoke. Fumigants or chemicals are subjected to the infected area at a specific temperature and pressure to ensure the gaseous state of chemicals.

Fumigation is a preferable and highly efficient method for pest control because the gas circulates and spreads in the infestation area and kills pests effectively. Other means of pest control are not preferred as they are a lot more costly and do not eradicate the pests.

For controlling an infestation, fumigation can be performed in two manners. It can either be prophylactic i.e., treatment is carried out as a part of the routine, even if no pests are reported during inspection or it can be applied tactically, at the first sign of infestation.

Good fumigation along with proper sealing and good hygiene does not require a repetition of the procedure but if it is required then either fumigation was not done right, or the reinfestation rate is higher than anticipated.

Fumigation provides desired results if adequate concentrations of fumigants are exposed for an adequate period in a completely sealed system. Otherwise, in a partially sealed system, applications of fumigants at regular intervals are used to maintain the exposure of fumigants.

Fumigants are chemicals in a gaseous form that can be hazardous for any living being therefore it is crucial to perform fumigation in empty spaces with suitable gear for protection.


Every business requires a set of goals or objectives that guides it in the right direction. Most businesses are set up for the sole purpose of earning money and generating revenue while others put their heart and soul into it to help it grow and serve the people. After spending a lifetime in a laboratory to provide something helpful, I have set the following objectives:

  • Putting all the fumigation-related research to practical use by hiring a team of professionals.
  • Provide pest control solutions at a reasonable rate so that more and more people are benefited from them.
  • Conduct fumigation in a completely sealed environment to ensure the safety of all lives.
  • Fumigants provided should be of great quality to maximize their effect on pests.


The complete process of fumigation is long and can be very tiring although, it involves following basic steps,

  • Complete sealing of the infested area using non-breathable sheets and other items.
  • Application of fumigants on the ground to let the gas percolate through the space and kill the infestation.
  • After the complete removal of pests, the space is properly ventilated to release the poisonous gases and protect people from their adverse effects.


Setting up a business and providing services to the people is completely different work from researching in a laboratory. It requires patience to do the job and to deal with all kinds of people. Steps taken to set up the business are mentioned below,

  • Setting up a place for storing all the pesticides and accommodating a team.
  • Hiring professionals for performing the job and providing services to the people.
  • Experiment with all the chemicals or fumigants outside the laboratory environment.


The significance of every technique applied for pest control varies and the most suitable technique is often used which is easily applicable as well as cost-effective. Choice of technique is also dependent on the rate of infestation and the space that needs to be controlled from pests.

The significance of fumigation can be evaluated from the following points,

  • Fumigation is effective in killing every stage of their life cycle completely. It does not matter if the pests are at the egg, larvae, or adult stage because they are completely killed.
  • Exported grains, tobacco, pulses, and other materials are highly susceptible to pests during storage in transit therefore, it is crucial to fumigate the cargo before exporting as it prevents the shipping of infected material but also poses a threat of pest travel to another country.
  • Similarly, imported material is subjected to fumigants application to ensure the removal of pests and their breeds from another country.
  • Fumigation is a highly effective procedure among all pest control methods because fumigants spread and circulate the complete area and are efficient as compared to sprays which have less area of application.
  • Fumigation is a cost-effective method because it is applied once for complete removal and no applications are required any further.
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