New Product Development Proposal Letter

This letter has been penned down to propose our innovative designs for your new product. We received your email that asked for a proposal summary for the product design at the time of your new product launch. 

We are glad to know that your business has been making wonders and excelling and growing in its marvelous forte. Creating and generating substitutes for electric power systems is highly regarded and much needed at this time of shortfalls and economic inflation. 

Realizing the need of the hour, your product has been recognized as wonderfully marvelous and problem-solving. Our company has been working on the designs of power sector installations since 2010. So far, our company keeps a record of designing more than 90 projects on designs and texture analysis. 

We have gone through all the templates and designed them. We are looking forward to definite designs that are desired. You are requested to look into the following proposal points. After your approval, our team shall design a full-fledged product development proposal with a detailed cost analysis.

We are willing to change the design of your power panels from a 120-degree track area to 170 degrees which will make it look sharper and premium. Another design substitute can be offered if needed. That required a complete change in the outlook. 

Please refer to the attached documents and design templates for further ideas. We request you respond to this letter ASAP. You can contact our office number to talk to our project manager and design team. 

We look forward to an impactful professional relationship between both companies. Thank you for considering our services. 

New product development proposal letter

Option -2

Re. Proposal Letter for New Product Development 

We are glad to receive your request for the proposal letter. We are writing with the reference to your request for the new product development (NPD) proposal dated [DATE]. 

Our company [NAME] is working on furniture articles designs, finishing, polishing, and painting since 2005. We have a team of experts who have excellent creative skills to experiment with furniture articles. 

We have accomplished various projects that include local and international furniture design and guides. Our company has remained a part of two international furniture brands from 2010-2019. It was a long professional relationship with some of the high-quality teams and outstanding and famous brands. 

As we have received templates of your new product and want to develop it with a sharper and bright look. we promise you to shape your furniture articles into something immensely desired and catchy. 

We believe in quality and integrity. This project can, potentially, take two weeks. It will cost $40,000 to finish all the articles. The cost can be negotiable within certain limits. We can deliver the project on [date] which is flexible.

As you see the rise in prices and political instability in the country, this project is subjected to any change in costs and delivery time. We stipulate the project with a few contractual points that have been attached. 

If you have any queries related proposal, please contact our client coordinator, [NAME], or senior project manager [NAME]. Their emails have been given on the cover of this letter. For further, call us at [PHONE].

New product development proposal letter