Bakery Business Proposal

Thank you very much for the meeting yesterday. I am extremely excited to start my own bakery business on Main Boulevard, Tigard, and looking forward to your company financially assist me to set up this business. I have prepared this proposal for you, with all the details. I would like your company to have a look at the entire opportunity and share your assistance to support my business idea. Let me know if you have any reservations or queries. Regards, Elaine Morris.

XYZ Bakery Business Proposal

Business Summary

I would like to open up a bakery on the Main Boulevard in Tigard, next to the Arabic Restaurant. My aim is to share happiness and smiles through sweet indulgences. I am a qualified chef from the KZN. Most of the recipes are my own and some of them have been passed down through generations. XYZ will be a wholesale bakery providing a huge variety of cakes, bread, and pastries. The ingredients used will be the finest and top quality. As ABC is a top Venture capital firm and you support talented entrepreneurs, I would like you to provide me the necessary finances to start up my business.


I plan to sell the following products:


  • Cupcakes
  • Muffins
  • Novelty cakes


  • Croissants
  • Pies
  • Cookies


  • Whole-wheat
  • Buns and Rolls
  • Flatbread

Business Summary

Hours of operation:

Monday -Sunday: 9am -5pm


Main Boulevard

Items sold:

Baked goods


3 workers will be hired

Problem Statement

People living alongside the Main Boulevard get their baked goods from the bakery section of the XMART hypermarket, which lacks variety and freshness. Moreover, most common products are usually out-of-stock because of the high demand.


Our main objective is to set up a bakery for the ease and convenience of our community people. Also,

  • To provide freshly baked comfort food.
  • Create such an outlet that provides our consumers with a wide variety of baked goods.
  • Gain profitability within the first couple of years and start strategizing about expanding the business.


The main Boulevard is a very lively and happening place at lunch hours and in the morning. There are a few offices, and universities within a walking distance. Renting a shop in such a location is a bit costly. Shop number 6 is a 3,500 square feet shop and currently, there is a working kitchen in the shop, but a little remodeling needs to be done. There are usually a lot of activities being held at this place, attracting hundreds of people. The most wanted and demanded thing at a place, with such a footfall, is food.

Market Analysis

Bakery items have been the nutrition products for people for quite a long time. This is because of the convenience factor and product availability. Bread has been a staple morning breakfast of many national and international cuisines and shares the majority of the market share in the industry of bakery items.

Competitive Analysis

Currently, there is an XMART in the area where people buy their baked goods from. All the other bakeries are far from the Main Boulevard so XYZ will be the only bakery providing solely freshly goods within a radius of 10 miles.


I plan to advertise in all mediums, print, Internet, social media, and Radio. I will print advertisements in all newspapers and magazines. Also, I will place ad banners on the internet to make people aware of our brand. Also,

  1. Website: Create a website about the XYZ bakery. Mention all the products that are being sold and all the running promotions.
  2. Social media pages: Create social media pages and advertise the products.
  3. Newspaper: Print ads in all the local community newspapers.

Start-up Cost

We would like ABC to initially grant us a loan of $50,000. Estimated start-up expense details are provided below:

                      Names Cost
Legal paperwork $1,000
Marketing $1,000
Shop Renovation $2,000
Shop rent (1-year advance) $5,000
Insurance $5,000
Bakery facilities $10,000
Equipment $10,000
Inventory $40,000
Cash $5,000
Miscellaneous $1,000
Total $80,000


Legal paperwork includes getting approval from the concerned authorities, obtaining licenses and permits. Equipment includes furniture, shelves, electronic devices, CCTV cameras, etc.

Running Cost

Expenses for each month will be the following:

 Names Cost/month Cost /year
Employee Salaries $500 $6,000
Utility Bills $500 $6,000
Miscellaneous $500 $6,000
Total $1,500 $18,000


Loan Requirement

In order to set up this bakery and sustain it, I’ll be needing a sum of approximately $100,000. I am financially capable to put in half of the amount and seek your esteemed firm to lend me $50,000, for a period of five years.

Sales Forecasts

The bakery has the potential to attract potential buyers for its good quality products. We are hopeful that we will break even in no time and will start generating profit in few months. The expected sales forecast is given below.

Items Forecast Sales
Bread $35,000
Cakes $35,000
Pastries $25,000
Drinks $5,000


First 6 months: $50,000

First fiscal year: $110,000

Second fiscal year: $280,000

Financial history

My credit reports and credit scores show that I have a 700+ score and this should give you enough confidence in me and my entrepreneurial skills.  I appreciate it if you can accommodate my financial support request with a minimum interest rate and a reasonable monthly installment.

Future plan

  • I want to make XYZ an online store so people would be able to order items online and get them delivered to their doorstep.
  • I would like to open more branches of the XYZ bakery store all over the USA.


I would like to seek your approval to proceed with the necessary arrangements. After your approval, I will initiate the process and we must work on the Terms and Conditions for the future.


Bakery Business Proposal

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