Bakery Business Proposal Letter

A bakery business proposal letter is a document that serves the purpose of a cover letter for the proposal, that is presented to the client to set up or expand a bakery business. This letter is prepared by the company or individual, who is interested in the bakery business, for the client company or individual investor, who has the capital and is looking for experienced and expert people who can run the bakery business successfully.

The proposal itself is a significant document, yet, the importance of the attached letter cannot be ignored as well. The reasons include:

  • Like a cover letter, it introduces the proposal to the client.
  • It provides a chance for the company to generate interest of the client in the proposal.
  • Sometimes, the client companies do not have enough time to go through the whole proposal. If they get interested in this letter, they would consider reviewing the complete proposal.
  • This letter can be the marketing tool that a company can utilize to woo the client about its worth and expertise.

The letter needs to be comprehensive, formal, professional and should provide a summary of the bakery business proposal. The general details included in this letter are:

  • Date
  • Details of the company.
  • Details of the client.
  • Reference to the proposal and business idea.
  • Details of the bakery business, such as bakery items, services, quality checks, etc.
  • Key information from the proposal, such as required capital, profits, growth, etc.
  • Expertise and experience.
  • Persuasion and competitive edge.
  • Benefits for the client.
  • Offer alterations, if required.

This letter may play a major role in the selection of the proposal by the client.

Sample Proposal Letter




Dear Ms. Emily,

Please find an enclosed proposal for the bakery business with this letter.

We are in the bakery business for five years and are running a successful bakery shop in XYZ state, USA. We offer a large variety of bakery items and have built our clientage. Recently, we were looking for an opportunity to expand and were seeking investment capital.

Keeping your requirements in mind and matching them with our expertise, we have prepared this proposal which does not only offer you a high probability of profits but also the most reasonable cost. We have done our extensive market research to make it a successful business.

All the relevant details and information, service offerings, bakery items, feasibility report, finances, trend charts, etc. are attached in the proposal for you to review and analyze. Following are some of the key details:

  • Initial investment: $[Amount].
  • Breakeven in the first year and generation of profits in the second year.
  • Average sales growth over the first five years: 37%.
  • Average profit growth over the first five years: 8%.

Let us know at [contact] if you need any alterations in the proposal or the terms and conditions.

We hope to get selected and deliver you a quality project. Looking forward to hearing a positive response.


Mathew Joseph.

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