High School Club Proposal

There are many different clubs in high school. These are good and allow students to take part in other activities apart from studies. If a student or students have ideas for another exciting club, they can request this from the principal. It needs to be done in a professional way.

What is a High School Club Proposal?

A high school club proposal is a proposal that is made by students or staff requesting whether a club can be formed. It will try and convince the reader of why the club will be a good idea and will help students.

What to Include in a High School Club Proposal?

If you need to make a high school club proposal you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Word– You can use Microsoft Word to type this proposal in.
  • Date– Give the date at the top.
  • Who is it to- State the title of the person the proposal is for, i.e., principal or maybe activities committee chair?
  • Details of the high school– State the name, street address, city, etc. of the high school.
  • Dear– Address the reader with Dear then Mr./Mrs./Dr., then the name of the person.
  • Proposal– Start by stating that the proposal is a request to form a certain club. Mention what club over here. Also, say which students are interested in forming it. For instance, if it is a request for an art club, you can say art students are interested in forming it. Say what the main goal of the club is. You need to say where the students will meet, i.e., the name of the high school.
  • Reasons for forming the club– You can tell the importance of the club in points. They should be convincing.
  • Benefits– These can be given in points as well.
  • End- In the end, tell how you hope the proposal will be approved and that they can contact you for any queries. End with Regards and your name plus title.

Advantages of a High School Club Proposal:

  • Let’s one request the formation of a club.

A high school club proposal should be made so as to convince the reader that forming a certain club will be beneficial.

Sample Proposal Template

To: Jonnie Bravo
Director of Student Activity
ABC School

Club Name: Photography Club
Grades: Grade 9- Grade 12
Duration: September – June
Students Proposing Club: Mariah Charles
North James
Michael Johnson

12, July 20XX


We have prepared a proposal based on ABC School students’ interest in Photography. We want to encourage the students to develop and improve their photography skills as photographers and promote photography as a hobby. It’s a healthy activity and nowadays, everybody has access to a camera whether it is a DSLR or a mobile device. This club will help the students to be creative and have fun with their fellows. It will also allow them to learn about the technical aspects of taking a perfect photograph.

This opportunity will be provided to the students of Grade 9 to 12. Students at this age are more active and keener to learn new things and be imaginative. By learning about photography and developing an interest in this field, students can pursue this as a career in the future.

We have attached a signed Activity Petition. More than 15 students are interested in joining this club. All the information is provided along with the student ID card numbers.

XYZ is willing to sponsor this club and once the committee approves the club activity, we would conduct a meet-up with XYZ.

XYZ Introduction

XYZ is owned by James Charles, who is a professional renowned photographer. He runs a photography agency in New York and Los Angeles. The XYZ agency provides photography services such as product photography, image retouching, and enhancements, and location photoshoots.

Club Activities

The following activities will be included in the photography club:

  • Basic learning and training in photography techniques, tips, and tricks. Our professional photographer, Mr. Charles, will teach the students ways to improve their basic photography skills.
  • The club will arrange Photo Walks for the students at different locations for inspiration and motivation.
  • Students will get access to the darkroom where they will skillfully develop the taken photos.
  • Regular club meetings will be held so that the students can have discussions on topics related to photography.
  • Photo exhibitions will be held at the end of each academic year. This will provide students a chance to showcase their talent.
  • Students will be able to participate in photography contests, internationally, by submitting their photographs.

Club Recruitment

More than 15 students are already interested in joining the photography club. To recruit more we will do the following:

  1. We will advertise on print media.
  2. We will use social media to spread the message of recruitment.


Proposal Review:

The school authorities will review the proposal and the committee will decide whether we have the required number of students and funds to support the club.

Meeting with the sponsor:

Our club president will arrange a meeting with the sponsors of the club and work out the details regarding the funds, lectures, and lab usage.

Signing the papers:

A written contract will be signed between the school authorities and the sponsors.

Parents/Guardians permission:

All the participating students will have to submit a permission slip, signed by their caretakers, allowing the students to be photographed.

Starting the club:

The club will be registered with ABC school and a photography constitution will be drafted.

Hold the first club meeting:

The first club meeting will be held after the approvals, along with a Q&A session.

Assign Club duties:

Club titles will be assigned to students. Members will select their club President, Vice president, and Treasurer. They will be responsible for holding club meetings and handling finances.


Students will bring their own cameras for learning purposes. XYZ will be sponsoring Mr. Charles for providing the lectures. All other costs will be covered by the extracurricular stipend. The laboratory for photo development and editing facilities will also be provided by XYZ.

Items Cost
School camera for demonstration or practice $300
Lighting equipment (softbox etc.) $300
Darkroom equipment $150
Tours and walks $200
Miscellaneous $300


Terms and Conditions

  • The students must be currently enrolled with ABC School. Non-school members are prohibited to attend any activity related to this club.
  • Most of the activities will be voluntarily initiated, as it is a high school club and the funds are limited.
  • The number of students interested in the club must be more than 20, for the club to continue working in the future.
  • All photography-related activities will be carried out after school-study hours.
  • Students must be educated about privacy invasion.



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