Kitchen Design Proposal for Word

I am Erica Dane and have been working with ABC designs for 4 years. After completing my degree in Interior design, I joined this company as an intern to gain some experience. After my internship, I secured a permanent position as an assistant to the manager and have been working since.

ABC designs provide consultations to its valued clients and after confirmation of the job, it performs wonders at their places and changes the space dynamics completely. This company is fully capable of transforming any space into an ideal area due to its highly professional and experienced interior designers. Over the years, projects for salons, residential areas, homes, offices, wardrobes, and many others have been successfully completed.

I have always attended meetings with clients, taken in their requirements, and provided a critical review of different ideas presented to the client. Because of the experience that I gained while working here, my opinion on designs matters to the team.

I have always wanted to be in the front row and make wonders through my designs. Recently, our company has acquired a project of kitchen design and I would like to take the reins for this project.

I have already designed the proposal for presenting it to the clients and attached it with the following letter. I hope you will take interest in my request and see through my proposal.

Anxiously waiting for your comments on the proposal.


Interior designing is the art of designing inner spaces of homes and offices and pricing them a completely new and modern look. Interior designers have an eye for aesthetics and arrangement in every item that they see.

People hire these designers for designing their homes, rooms, offices, and even wardrobes. Not only do they focus on the looks and presentation of every item in a space, but they also emphasize quality to make sure that the space is not filled with low-quality material.

Interior design is not to fill the entire place with branded ornaments and other essentials rather they create a comfortable and peaceful environment using minimal items and are still able to give cozy vibes to rooms and lounges.

Earlier, the concept of interior designing was not taken seriously as only rich people could afford it but later it made its mark in various classes and has now become an essential part while introducing a newly renovated place.

This project that the company recently received, is for the remodeling of the kitchen. Clients want to remodel their kitchen and hired us for giving ideas and arrange a proposal for them to see. Our company has successfully completed many tasks of this sort. We listed down all their requirements and preferences to make sure that every change is according to their taste.

Action Plan

Based on the preferences of clients, a proposal was designed that included all the changes that are required and will make the kitchen modern yet functional. A list of those changes is given below,

  • Changing white floor tiles to wood textured tiles in a cross pattern.
  • Tiles of working shelves changed to green textured marble to give it a natural look.
  • Change the color of cabinets to white to add an overall peaceful look.
  • Addition of slick and modern sink with tap.
  • Addition of a centerpiece with a marble top and storage cabinets in the bottom.
  • Adding a movable pantry in the form of cupboard to keep dry items
  • Adjacent space with kitchen to be used as pantry for keeping all the stocks
  • Addition of an in-built stove on the marble countertop.
  •  Mounting the baking oven to the wall to save space.
  • Addition of separate compartment for fridge.
  • Specialized LED lights will enhance the enhance the overall look.
  • Addition of wicker baskets for keeping groceries i.e., packets of noodles, masala, etc.
  • Use false glass containers and aur tight jars for all spices and condiments.
  • Using specialized organizers for keeping different items in the fridge.


The budget of every model depends on the requirements of clients and may vary drastically. Major items that make up the budget include,

  1. Marble Top.               [X] $
  2. White Paint.               [X] $
  3. Wood.                        [X] $     
  4. Stove.                         [X] $
  5. Organizer.                  [X] $
  6. Lights.                        [X] $


Kitchen design proposal template