Lawn Care Proposal with Cover Letter and Template

It is humbly informed that I have been working with ABC company. It has been 4 years since my contract started with ABC. It is a lawn care and maintenance service company that offer their services to the people who are too busy or do not know anything about lawn care.

Almost every house in the city is supposed to leave a certain area for lawn and make their homes far from the road. Each house has lawns on 3 sides that provide shade and are also forced to reduce the effect of global warming. ABC has many laborers on their payroll as they are providing services to various areas and require more manpower than imagined.

When I started working, I didn’t know anything about lawn care, and it was a difficult task to learn how to take proper lawns and how every plant is different and has different requirements of fertilizer and water content. Some lawns are visited daily as they are huge and need water each day while other small lawns are cared for on alternate days. Overall, the joy of taking care of plants and trees is exceptional.

After so many years of gaining experience, I have decided to start my own business of providing lawn care services as this field can never be ignored or face recession in the current neighborhood. In addition, it will also open more job opportunities for interested people. I have devised a proposal for a customer’s lawn which is barren and needs extra care. I seek your approval for my venture.

Anxiously waiting for your response.


Derek Hugh
[Employee] at XYZ Company

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Lawn care is defined as the maintenance of the health, the color of existing lawns for a longer period. A lawn is made up of many items that need separate care and intake of specified materials to help them grow. There are various lawn care services that take care of your lawns for you and are paid handsomely for maintaining them.

Government forces on keeping manicured land not only at public places but also at the private property because they are not only involved in beautifying nature but also have a positive impact on the environment. These lawns provide a peaceful impact on the residents and allow them to breathe natural and fresh air which imparts healthy benefits to the body.

Lawn care companies provide a variety of services, and it mainly depends on customers to choose their services based on affordability and requirement.

Services provided by the lawn care companies are provided below,

  • Weed removal
  • Natural aeration
  • Water spread
  • Pest control
  • Fertilizer application
  • Soil testing
  • Irrigation system

All these services help in maintaining manicured lawns that the customers should not worry about. In addition, these companies provide various packages to facilitate their customers. These packages may include daily weekly or monthly visits with different fees structure. Customers are allowed to choose the package of their liking as there are many people who like to take care of their own lawns and are aware of all the techniques. They require a few visits from the lawn care companies otherwise they can manage on their own.

I wanted to set up my own business of lawn care services as I have expertise in the field and will be able to forward this knowledge and experience to others. I have already set up goals for the business and started working for them.


Planning to set up a business is easy but to execute and provide services is a difficult task as it does not depend on a single person rather a team is managed to perform the task. To take care of order with worst-case lawn scenario, the following objectives are set,

  • Renting a place for accommodating team members and supplies
  • Hiring team members and providing them with basic training
  • Looking out the site of lawn maintenance with team and working on a work plan
  • Removing grass growing among bricks and weeds from around the plants
  • Pressure washing bricks to clean and remove stones and ingrown plants
  • Checking the quality of soil to keep the nutrients at optimum concentration by the application of nutrient rich soil
  • Adding more grass to the barren patches to make lawn lusher and greener
  • Shaping existing plants by cutting off extra branches and leaves
  • Application of fertilizer to the plants to maintain their nutritional content
  • Planting more seeds to increase trees and plants of flowers
  • Planting seeds of vegetables and fruits such as reddish, lady finger, bitter gourd, mint, mango, and tamarind etc.
  • Adding more flower plants to enhance the beauty of lawn
  • Making contracts with pool cleaners as most of the backyards within the house also have a pool and customers want the combination package of cleaners
  • Watering plants and nearby trees
  • Using leaves and branches to form organic fertilizers with the action of soil bacteria
  • Using effective marketing strategies to get more orders

Keys to success

Success is a combination of willpower, determination, and luck. It can serve you well if you serve your purpose. There are no shortcuts to success, and it can only be achieved through continuous efforts and growth. Some of the points that can be followed to stay on the right track are given below,

  • Always deliver what you are good at and do not make false promises of providing services beyond your growth.
  • Provide quality over quantity.
  • Keep your affairs in check by being loyal and reliable.
  • Never disrespect your staff members as they also have self-respect and are prone to make mistakes.
  • Never consider yourself above others as it takes a moment to come down below.


There are positive and negative aspects of every business, but the significance of the following business can be seen through the points mentioned below,

  • Maintaining lawns in a proper way have a positive impact on the body and provide peace.
  • It contributes positively to the nature and supports it.


Lawn care proposal template