Construction Bid Proposal

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your interest in XYZ Construction Company for the upcoming project of ABC Cafeteria construction. We are submitting this proposal with the best price offer. If you sign a contract with us, you will not regret it, we promise. We’re confident that our experienced and qualified team will meet your requirements. Please have a thorough look at the proposal and feel free to ask any questions. We look forward to working with ABC Company.



Nathan Charles
Senior Manager

Construction Proposal for ABC Company Cafeteria


XYZ is a leading Construction Company in the USA. For almost 30 years, we have shaped the skyline of major sites in the region. Our priority is delivering a quality product while maintaining the highest standards of safety and health. Our highly effective team, accurate planning, and resource deployment is the key to the deliverance of high standard projects within record timeframes. Our team comprises of skilled workers and expert engineers. Our trained operators maintain a full range of heavy equipment for construction in our operation areas. We provide consultations and solutions to our client’s requirements during the projects whenever required.


We cover all aspects of building construction and contracting services and offer feasibility studies, designing and décor and financial opportunities for projects.

Our specialty fields include:

  • All types of Building Construction
  • Infrastructure and Civil Work Construction
  • Industrial Equipment Procurement and Installation
  • Construction On-site
  • Renovation
  • Custom Designs
  • Homes & Office Interior and Exterior designing

Project Details

Employees are a company’s greatest asset and it is important to keep them happy and content. Creating a cafeteria for them is an excellent idea for them to relax, socialize and enjoy their food at the same time. All these aspects will be taken into consideration while designing the cafeteria. Group seating areas will be built and a few drinks of water and food vending machines will also be placed in the food area. The cafeteria will be built on an area of 2,200 sq. /Feet.

Design Schedule

Our work team will comprise of 7 workers. 4 will do the construction and installation work, 2 will do the paint job and 1desgnier will supervise the project. We will involve your company throughout the designing process.

Project Phases

Our company will complete this project in approximately 2 months.

Phase 1: Assessment and Planning

Time: 1 week

Our project team will visit the site and complete the site examination thoroughly. Our architects and engineers will make a 3D design and get your approval.

Phase 2: Pre-Construction

Time: 1 week

Groundbreaking will be done at this stage and the site will be prepared before the beginning of the construction.

Phase 3: Construction

Time: 4 weeks

Using the design as the guide, our team will assign tasks for the completion and allocation of resources and the process of building the cafeteria will start.

Phase 4: Project Performance

Time: 2 days

Many times the project managers have to make adjustments to keep a project on track or the client company isn’t happy with something; this is the stage where we ask for another approval from the clients.

Phase 5: Design and Installation 

Time: 1 week

At the end of the construction, our team of engineers and interior designers will beautify the cafeteria and design it. Cooking equipment will be installed along with other electronic items needed for the cafeteria.

Phase 6: Project Closing

Time: 2 days

At this stage, our team will officially complete the project and will move on to the evaluation and documentation of the project. A final team meeting will be held and led by the manager to officially mark the project’s end. An inspection of the whole cafeteria will be done, checking for gas leaks, electrical faults, etc.


We will allocate the following amount to each phase of the project.

Phases Cost Allocation
Phase 1 $2,000
Phase 2 $5,000
Phase 3 20,000
Phase 4 $4,000
Phase 5 $20,000
Phase 6 $2,000
Total $53,000


The total cost breakdown is as follows:

Permits and Government Approvals $3,000
Construction Material $20,000
Labor/Construction Cost $53,000
Total Cost $76,000


Approvals and Permits

  • Our Company will obtain approval for ‘Land title and clearance’ and ‘plan and layout approval’.
  • Our engineers will ensure that each of the State’s regulations and code is met during construction.
  • NOC: Our Company will obtain a no-objection certificate from the water pollution board and other pollution boards to get approval for the sewer and water supply in the area.

Terms and Conditions

  • XYZ will be responsible for providing transportation for all the equipment to and from the construction site.
  • XYZ will be responsible for all equipment provided and the cost and charges incurred in the operation and maintenance of the equipment during the cafeteria construction period.
  • 40% of the total payment shall be made at the time of acceptance of the proposal.
  • 30% of the total payment shall be made at the time of the midway review.
  • The remaining payment shall be made at the project handover.
  • During the contract term, our company will provide the following insurances:


During the contract term, our company will provide the following commercial insurance for all the equipment.

Worker’s Compensation

Our company shall provide and maintain worker’s compensation insurance in accordance with the State laws. The minimum limit of liability coverage will be $100,000, covering our employees engaged in any construction or design work.

Commercial General Liability

During the contract term, comprehensive general liability insurance will be provided and maintained. This insurance will protect our company and the Department of Transportation from claims for accidental death, injury or property damages which may arise from malfunctioning of the equipment.


Automobile Liability Insurance will also be provided which will include liability coverage, covering all company-owned vehicles.

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Construction Bid Proposal Template for Word

Construction Bid Proposal Template for Word