Construction Bid Proposal Cover Letter and Template

Cover Letter

It is humbly informed you that I have been working for XYZ company for a very long time. XYZ is a contract-based company that takes construction contracts of different types of buildings. It is equipped to take on multiple projects at one time and deliver perfection. I joined this company because of very good reviews about the services they provide to their customers in terms of time, quality and budget.

It has been a long time since my association and I have gained enormous experience which I can now use in leading a team of laborers to carry out the designated task. I joined this company as a labor although I was over-qualified for the job I took it as a challenge to know my inner strength and capability. It didn’t disappoint me and with hard work, I was successful in securing the position of manager and lead a team for a single project.

Sole projects, either big or small, gives you the confidence of taking the matter into your own hands and reveal true potential. Getting the work done by a team of different individuals is not easy as everyone has got an attitude and you have to take the temperament of everyone into account to produce a good team effort.

I got the degree of an architect but the inner me always wanted to know the true essence of working on your piece of art. Now, I have gained both the knowledge and experience of both fields and want to implement it in my own business of construction bidding because this is the only field that can use both my knowledge and experience. Kindly grant your approval as I am fully equipped for this business.

Eagerly awaiting your response.


Rick Martin

Construction bid proposal cover letter



Construction bidding is the process of submitting proposals for undertaking construction. This process of bidding is very common and has been used for a long because of the ease it provides to the clients for the tedious process of planning and construction. Following construction bidding protocol, construction projects of malls, office buildings, showrooms, homes with historical backgrounds are managed by asking different contractors to present the most suitable proposal of construction or renovation.

These proposals include everything that would be needed during the entire project from the cost of labor, machinery, materials, and all other essentials. All these proposals from various contractors are viewed by the clients and the contractor with the most suitable proposal is given the contract of the building.

Most people believe that the proposal with the lowest budget estimate will be selected but it is not always true as everyone is aware that contractors can go to extreme length for catching the particular project and change the figures on the budget proposal. Therefore, a budget of the proposal is given importance but it is not considered the primary reason.

These tenders do not carry figures of every machinery purchased, cost of labor per hour but they give an accumulative idea of the money spent on labor, materials, and other chores such as the cost excavation would require heavy machinery, labor, and proper disposal of excavated material. Similarly, all other related tasks are also included, and a total budget is presented.

Action Plan

Setting up a business despite having the expertise and knowledge, is not an easy task as you can never imagine the unforeseen and the issue that arises out of nowhere but you are responsible for taking care of them. Tenders are being received about the restoration of an old home that has some historical value and I want to make my first construction bid following the below-mentioned plan of action,

  • Look out for an open space to accommodate all my construction supplies
  • Making the place up to the mark for entertaining clients and accommodating labours and other members
  • Visiting the project site and viewing it from every aspect of restoration and renovation
  • Conducting discussions with other labours to formulate an action plan
  • The building requires a lot of repair process as it has not been taken care of in years
  • Exterior of the house is covered in mulch which need removal and a fresh paint after scraping off the excreta of birds and other objects
  • Some of the exterior is completely worn off and require filling to give it a smooth texture
  • House is surrounded by lawns from 3 sides and all the lawns are in bad shape as there is weed growing all around
  • Removal of all weed plants and softening the soil to make it work for planting seeds
  • Grass is completely damaged and requires new beds of grass to complete the look
  • Pool is covered in algae which cannot be removed by pressure washing and require experts and chemicals for complete renewal
  • Some of the bricks surrounding pool are broken and require replacement
  • Doors of all the building have lost their colour and will require scraping and finishing followed by painting
  • Rooms need fresh paint and installing of the cooling system along with replacement of electrical appliances
  • All the sockets have been detached by thieves and need new one
  • Kitchen is in pretty bad condition because all the cabinets are broken and the colour of the sink cannot be observed through the dirt present on it
  •  Stairs require the removal of carpet and railing is outdated so it will be replaced
  • Windows will need a reinstallation because all the windows are completely taken off by thieves
  • House is a favourite place of junkies to rest and enjoy without any disturbance therefore it will be guarded with mesh wires to keep them off
  • Floors need a fresh scrubbing and scrapping off from chemicals because it has lost its original colours
  • Some of the tiles needs a replacement
  • All the walls need a fresh application of paint
Construction bid proposal template