Artificial Intelligence AI Services Proposal

ABC is a government-based intelligence agency that uses the technology of artificial intelligence to bring justice and spread peace. Different software is used in projects for making a case against criminals. It does not only help in the process but also assists in making sure that they stand behind bars for a longer period.

In many developed countries, a special task force is assembled that uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to cater to crimes and bring the situation of law and order to the country. Research on artificial intelligence is very costly and therefore its use is limited to extremely sensitive and highly funded projects of the government.

These projects are approved after thorough research by a group of specialists to ensure the sensitivity of the matter and the reasons need to be strong enough to use artificial intelligence.

Therefore, these projects are highly confidential and are carried out in an extremely anonymous environment. Chances of error are minimalized after repeated exercises to limit the finances of the project. Artificial Intelligence has an impact on its users due to its different aspects, but it cannot be used by everyone.

I have always been interested in this field therefore, I pursued it as a career choice and have never limited myself to not learning further. After my long experience at a government-based facility, I want to set up my own business providing Artificial Intelligence services to high-end clients through a team of competent and professional employees.


Artificial Intelligence, also termed AI, is the simulation of the intelligence processes of humans and animals by computer systems. It is also known as artificial agents that can understand their surrounding environment and act in a way that helps in achieving required goals. These machines are operated to possess human cognitive functions and function accordingly.

There are multiple applications of AI, some of these are not even known by people, and sometimes, one of the applications is considered a whole subject whereas, it is a vast topic and still needs to be worked on.

Research on AI is very expensive due to the designing of software and algorithm that are processed by machines or computer systems. After founding AI as a subject, several projects were pursued separately with enormous funding but many of the projects failed thus leading to a grave loss and further optimism regarding any other application of AI.

All the applications of AI that are commonly used and are available easily, are excluded from the umbrella of AI due to their commonality.

The functioning of AI is based on the foundation of various specialized hardware and software for designing and executing algorithms that are understood by systems.

AI systems work by scouring through a huge amount of labeled data, analyzing it for common patterns, and drawing inferences about the future. Social media applications recommend multiple clothing brands after you searched for any clothing brand deliberately.

Some of the services of AI include,

  • A recommendation system that is used by social media handles to recommend users based on their previous search results.
  • Autonomous cars such as Tesla, are devoid of human assistance for movement.
  • Human speech understanding by cell phones such as Siri in Apple mobiles.
  • Intelligence-based games.

Artificial Intelligence services proposal will be presented to potential clients to let them know of the achievements as the company progresses and help them decide in choosing our company for getting their jobs done.


Artificial Intelligence is a very complicated and costly field that requires determination, finances, and deep knowledge to work through difficult tasks. It will not be an easy task to lay the foundation of such a company, but it can only be achieved by following the below-mentioned objectives,

  • Renting a place to house employees and set up the company.
  • Renovation and restoration processes to make the place workable.
  • Setting up an office space to deal with clients and other official matters.
  • Hiring employees with a background experience or a degree in the following field.
  • Hiring employees to work in the departments of management, administration, accounts, and cleaning.
  • Purchasing and ordering the latest technology computers and software to work.
  • Making connections at events to contact elite clients.
  • Hiring detectives and others to keep investigating and bringing work.


Every start-up requires a combination of the basic skill set to make it run. It is not an easy task as skills are acquired over a longer period but once learned, they can never be diminished and can prove their worth years later. Some of the basic skills that can be used for this business are mentioned below,

  • Management plays a key role in achieving success because as an owner you must take care of utilities, clients, projects, bills, and other matters. It can be burdening but the skill of managing different tasks at once can lead to providing exceptional services to every client without delays or errors.
  • Communication skills play a strong part in developing conversations with clients as it helps you in understanding their requirements and allow you to present your services in a better manner. Clients are a key in every business, they can either make the business or break it therefore, it is important to have productive communication.
  • Computer systems are taking over, and the value of physical work is reduced manifolds. It is crucial to know the functioning and operations of computers and other machines to make your business successful. With an Internet connection, physical meetings and conversations are ignored and everything happens online. Knowing your way through Internet can prove to be beneficial.


Artificial intelligence services proposal