Security Guard Services Proposal

I have tried my best to serve my duty with loyalty and passion. I served in the capacity of a security officer and was charged with delivering soldiers and ammunition to the site in the dark. During the undercover operations, care is taken to avoid people and keep the mission as covert as possible.

I was always given the charge of safeguarding essentials and delivering them to the soldiers when required. It has not been an easy job as you have to be extra cautious and armed to fight in case of an emergency. In addition to guarding delivery vehicles, I was also responsible for guarding the location and bringing back the vehicle safely.

Working with the Armed forces is not easy as you have to say goodbye to friends, family, passion, sleep, and much more but the motivation of protecting the country and our people is above all and it drives us to perform our duty with spirit.

Despite being fit, physically and mentally, my retirement is approaching soon, and I will no longer be of any use in the Army but I still have to earn a livelihood for me and my family therefore, I came up with the plan of starting my agency that provides security guard services. I will contact retired Army personnel and provide them with a job opportunity so that they can earn and still do what they are best at.


A security guard is an individual hired by the party or employer to protect their property or place or person from hazardous situations such as theft, damage, or waste by employing preventative measures. These guards are a threat to anyone trying to harm their guarded item as they are heavily armed and are allowed to open fire if they observe anything unusual.

These security guards are highly trained either by the government as in Army or by any private party to tackle the worst situations. They guard either by patrolling the area or by keeping an eye on the area by a monitoring system. Thieves and other criminals are very scared of these guards because of their high physical training and their ammunition.

In addition to providing protection to people’s houses, security guards are also hired to protect building properties, shops, markets, valuable items, and much more.

Army institutes pass their soldiers through rigorous training and then allow them to carry out field operations therefore, these people are not only skilled but have prior experience in dealing with sudden situations. In addition, security guards at private companies are also gone through hard training and then allowed for fieldwork. They lack experience but are more agile and quick in their skills.


There are different types of security guards depending upon their training and the tasks assigned to them. Some of these types are mentioned below,

  • Unarmed guards: These guards are responsible for patrolling and guarding the assigned task and making sure that no one damages the property. These guards may be unarmed but they are skilled in the fields of fighting and other tactics to disarm and demobilize the culprit.
  • Armed guards: Armed guards are required at locations where they require maximum security such as medicine or jewelry markets. These guards are armed and are trained for carrying and using arms. They require extra certification for using arms and guarding.
  • Warehouse guards: These guards are required to protect warehouses of different items. The major task is to know the contents of the warehouse and the people who are allowed to enter and access the warehouse. Controlling and close monitoring are required for warehouse security guards.
  • Corporate Security guards: These guards are hired by companies that are in a corporate setting. These guards have day-to-day interactions with employees and other members of the company. They are trained in their communication and are not heavily armed. They are also trained in controlling front-of-the-house issues.


Every new idea has its pros and cons but sometimes, the idea weighs heavy due to the surrounding environment. Some of the advantages of these services are provided below,

  • Security guards provided by firms are maintained by them and they perform all background checks before letting them in the field therefore, they can be trusted around your property and valuables.
  • The physical appearance of armed personnel keeps the people from that and damaging property as compared to alarms and technology as they can be tampered with.
  • Security guards are uniformed and armed which represents their lawful authority to protect property.
  • Security guards are not allowed to make arrests, but they can disarm the culprit and make calls to the police.


Every security guard goes through hard training before being assigned any duty. Some of their training include,

  • Target training is an integral part and individuals are trained to use a gun and aim at a target. It is not an easy exercise and takes a long time to become flawless.
  • Patrolling is the process of walking around the property or building that is being guarded and observing anything out of the ordinary. It requires sharp senses and motor skills to observe and react accordingly.
  • Security guards also go through physical training to remain fit, active, and quick in their actions. These trainings include running, going through different exercises, weightlifting and others. These exercises not only tone the body physically but also sharpens the brain.
  • Guards are also provided with unarmed training which includes fighting and other skills that can help if they lose their arms and have to fight with their hands.


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