Security Guard Services Proposal Letter

Security guard services proposal letter is a letter, that is written by a service provider, that is offering the services of providing the security guards. It is addressed to the client organization, which would be interested in availing such services. Sometimes, an individual, who is a security guard himself, may write this letter, and offer his services to the house, building, or a client company, that wants to hire a security guard.

Usually, this proposal letter is written in response to a notice or demand of the client, advertised in newspapers, etc. However, sometimes, the service providers send such letters, even without such demands, and try to entice the clients into availing of their services.

This letter provides the gist of the company’s offers, and is, usually, sent with a detailed proposal, so that if the letter interests the client, it can look through the complete offer, and sign the deal. However, if the client is not attracted by the offer in the letter, he may not even go through the proposal and reject it straightforwardly.

Therefore, it is important to prepare the security guard services proposal letter very carefully, as it can prove to be a platform, where a company can market itself in front of the client. In addition, often, this letter is the first communication with the client, which indicates the essentiality of its content is impressive and attractive.

The company can include the information as per the requirements of itself as well as the client. The details are selected with the main target of wooing the client into signing the contract. However, generally, the content of the security guard services proposal letter includes:

  • Date.
  • Contact details of the client organization.
  • Contact details of the security guard services provider.
  • The proposal of the services and its details.
  • Company’s experience and competitive advantage.
  • Benefits of choosing the company’s services.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Offers, if any.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Show openness and availability for any correspondence.
  • Show hope of gaining the contract.
  • Gratitude.

This letter is a formal way of informing the client of the company’s offers and services. Adding a letter to the comprehensive proposal gives it a personalized touch, which may get appreciated by the client. It can also help the company to communicate, and convince, what it can provide best, and why the client should choose it as the client’s service provider.

The proposal letter:

Dear Mr. William,

In reference to your notice on 3rd September 20XX, in [X] newspaper, I am writing this letter to propose to you our excellent security guard services on market competitive rates.

ABC limited has been in the business of providing highly trained security guards for more than 15 years. We hire people, and train them rigorously, so as to minimize the number of complaints. This is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

Our security guards are currently deployed in many shopping malls and offices in the XYZ region. We take full guarantee of their backgrounds, as we take police clearance certificates and complete contact details from them before we hire them. In addition, we provide fully equipped guards, so that you do not have to worry about the weapons. All our weapons are licensed. However, your company will be responsible for any maintenance charges for the weapons.

If you hire your complete team of security guards from our company, that you require, we will give you a 15% discount. We have attached a complete proposal with this letter.

You can contact us at [X] if you need any other information. Thank you.

Looking forward to your positive reply.


Samantha Watson.

Security guard services proposal letter