Quarterly Bonus Proposal Template

It is respectfully stated that I have been working for ABC company for 4 years. After completing graduation in the field of Design and Architecture, I joined this firm to gain experience in the practical field and learn how everything works.

Earlier, I was just an intern but later, I secured a permanent position as a faculty member because of my hard work and efforts. I got promoted to the rank of manager and have been working since to achieve the objectives of this company.

In addition, I also serve as an employee spokesperson and make sure that they are working in a friendly environment, and that they receive their rights and are being served. ABC is an event organizing company that provides services for organizing a variety of events such as weddings, birthdays, parties, festivals, and other bigger or smaller events. Their budget varies from client to client and depends on the requirements of clients regarding events.

Competent teams of hundreds of employees at ABC not only take care of organizing events but also arrange for music, seating, catering, decorating, and much more. They have a record of organizing multiple events each day because of their huge number of employees and are thus liked by the clients.

As an employee’s spokesperson, I am certain that the company takes care of every aspect of an employee such as medical allowance, sick leaves, vacations, gifts, and others but I feel the need for one more favor that should be awarded to the employees. The company should include quarterly bonus awards to its employees to appreciate their hard work. I have already designed a proposal for the inclusion of a quarterly bonus and seek your approval.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


Companies and businesses progress through the tiring and countless efforts of their employees, who work day and night to achieve the goals and objectives catered by their employer.

Although, employees are paid for all their efforts and work that they do but their dedication and hard work can never be rewarded. Employees are assigned ranks within their companies which are based on their work description and the efforts that are required by the company.

They get paid based on their ranks and enjoy certain luxuries associated with their post. Every company has devised certain policies to accommodate their employees and provide them with good treatment in terms of management, bonuses, dinners, and other such luxuries.

Many companies also take care of all the medical bills of their employee and their family. Such efforts are done to keep employees sincere about the job and appreciate their efforts.

Companies also award bonuses to employees based on their progress or on their speed of achieving goals. Every workplace has set a separate criterion for their employees to award bonuses. Some of these companies award annual bonuses i.e., at the end of the working year, employees are given their bonuses whereas quarterly bonuses are awarded at the end of a quarter.

Every company has designed rules and regulations for giving bonuses to their employees and it varies based on certain situations. A quarterly bonus is awarded to appreciate the efforts of clients and their continued movement towards achieving goals as designed by the company.


Every company has its own rules for providing bonuses and other luxuries to its employees. Our company can either follow a trend of any other company or make their own way. Some of the models that can be used for awarding quarterly bonuses are as follows,

  • A certain percentage of the company’s profit will be attributed to the quarterly bonus.
  • All the employees will be awarded a quarterly bonus which will be a ratio of their specific pay.
  • Employees, who have achieved the highest projects or provided successful events can be awarded while others can be exempted from the bonus.


Every strategy has its positive and negative aspects but they can only be weighed after the strategy has been caused practically. The significance of the quarterly bonus can be highlighted through the following points,

  • Awarding repeated bonuses to deserving employees boost their morale and helps them in setting bigger goals.
  • Employees without any bonus are also motivated to do their best and get awarded.
Quarterly bonus proposal template