Wedding Day Decoration Proposal

I joined ABC company after completing my graduation in the field of Decor and Designing. Earlier, I wanted to gain some experience as an intern but later I secured a permanent position in the company. ABC is known for providing consultations regarding weddings and other events. A highly professional and experienced team at ABC take care of all chores related to a wedding i.e., catering, decoration, seating, and other related tasks.

Planning a wedding require months of hard work and planners and decorators are hired long before the wedding to make sure that on the wedding day everything is taken care of.

I have attended numerous client meetings and designed mood boards for weddings. Generally, clients provide a list of requirements, and we have to work around those requirements whereas, many clients agree on our already designed wedding plans and sign us up for them. Either way, it requires a lot of thought processes and a complete team for execution.

I have designed a few projects myself but have never taken lead in any of the projects. I believe, I possess the required skill set and would like to try my abilities on a sole project. Kindly consider my request and provide me with the recently acquired project of the company.

Anxiously awaiting your response.


Weddings are celebrated with family and friends, witnessing you form a bond with your significant other in a ceremony. These ceremonies provide a way out from the monotonous lifestyle and bring about change and joy.

Weddings are not only an auspicious occasion for the couple but it also holds a special place in the heart of attendees witnessing the sacred bond. Planning a wedding can be a very tiring job as it requires precision and hard work.

There are many departments while planning a wedding and taking care of every matter by the couple can be a hassle therefore, organizers and wedding planners take on the tasks and are hired by the couple.

Most of the planners also provide specialists dealing in wedding dresses and modern trends but that department is mostly taken care of by the couple themselves. It is the most important day in the lives of many people therefore, everything should be perfect and error-free.

Planning the complete event of this project which the company received from their valued clients was a big burden as these clients are already hosted by the company and to compete with a certain benchmark is not an easy job.

Therefore, to begin the process of planning, meetings with clients were scheduled and their requirements were listed to understand their concept fully. Later, visited the venue of the wedding to come up with design ideas based on the venue and what will look good.

Action Plan

Every design is unique and is crafted by the designer with hard work. It depends on the choice and requirements of clients, whatever they choose for their big day. Decoration of the wedding day venue will involve the following additions,

  • The backdrop of the stage will be decorated with crystals in the pattern of a shower that will bring in the sunlight.
  • As it is a day wedding, the boundary of the stage will be decorated with fresh white and pink roses in the form of bouquets.
  • A sofa set will be placed on stage with a glass table for the seating of the couple and their relatives.
  • All the venues will be decorated with white and pink drapes along with similar flowers.
  • For RSVP, a special white sofa set will be set before the stage with glass tables in front.
  • For the seating of guests, round tables with chairs will be available.
  • Dinner will be served on one side of the venue to keep the arrangement intact.
  • The boundary of the venue will be adorned with flower garlands and a door of balloons and flowers to welcome the guests.
  • Each table of guests will be adorned with a bouquet of fresh flowers.


Wedding day decoration proposal