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Cover Letter

It is humbly stated that I, George Bush, have been working with an extinguished group of scientists at XYZ laboratory for 3 years. We connected through our mutual interest in tomato plants and their effects on human health.

After completing my studies, I joined the laboratory in the capacity of a researcher and continue experimenting with the tomato plant and its composition. Later, I joined hands with researchers from other countries to take my research to the next level.

At the XYZ laboratory, we grow plants and perform experiments to evaluate their potential in different domains. The concentration of oil, minerals, vitamins, and other valuable components are deduced after these experiments and the information can be used for different purposes.

In a few experiments, tomato plants were also moved to the soil from the greenhouse to evaluate the effect of natural environmental conditions and the results have been successful.

After all these years of research, I am keen to provide this important vegetable to every human as a dietary supplement. Our country is not an agriculture-based country therefore, most of the vegetables are imported which increases their price significantly.

Some of the land in the country is suitable for vegetable production but the labor-intensive work is looked down upon. After all these issues, I have decided to put my knowledge and experience of tomato production to good use and start tomato farming on a big scale.

I understand the risks and consequences, but I am still willing to do this venture. Kindly grant me permission for the good cause. I have attached the proposal to seek your permission.

Anxiously awaiting your response.

Tomato Production Proposal Cover Letter

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Sample Template


Tomatoes are an important component of the human diet as they improve the water content of the body. In some countries like Pakistan and India, tomatoes are important for every meal as they make curries delicious so find their application each day.

Their production and cultivation can be traced back thousands of years ago as they originated in South America. Columbus and other searchers took this plant to Europe by the 1400s.

Initially, they were used as ornamental plants because their fruit was considered to be poisonous. These species were thought to produce toxic alkaloids in their leaves or fruits but later they were cultivated commercially as they were approved by the consumers.

Tomatoes contribute greatly to a healthy and well-balanced diet due to their enriched composition and the benefits that it imparts to human health. Tomatoes are a good source of sugars, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibers. The pulp of tomato acts as a blood purifier and promotes the secretion of gastric glands. In addition, it also includes antiseptic properties and is very strong against intestinal infections.

There are varieties of tomatoes available in the form of fruits that can be consumed. These varieties include cherry, plum, and grape. From the production point of view, all of these varieties can be grown as they will cater to the preferences of every consumer, but it would be a difficult task as every crop would have a different requirement of hormonal content and environmental conditions.

In America, tomatoes are produced for two basic reasons, either they are used freshly by providing the produce at markets and using them in food or they are processed in industries for producing ketchup, purees, and other products.


There are two types of growth habits of a tomato plant, which are mentioned below,

  1. Determinate: Determinate plant grows to a definite height that is genetically accepted and provides fruit one time in a season.
  2. Indeterminate: Indeterminate tomato plant continues to grow and produce fruits throughout the season


Tomato farming requires the collective efforts of a team to ensure its production and protection. It is not harvested on a small scale rather big fields are required for growing an ample amount of crops that can generate revenue. The objectives of the following project are mentioned below,

  • Acquiring the land suitable for tomato production
  • Making the land ready for the crop by using the required techniques
  • Hiring experienced individuals for guiding through the process
  • Hiring laborers to work in the field and carry out the tiresome task
  • Harvesting the fruit and providing to the locals to supplement their diet with organic food

Marketing Alternatives

For tomato producers, different marketing alternatives can be used to enhance the purchase of fresh produce. Some of the options are mentioned below,

  • Roadside hawkers
  • Processing firms
  • Marts and marketplaces
  • Local retailers
  • Wholesale markets
  • Self operations


Production of tomatoes can be very tiring as it requires certain conditions of environment and time for best yield. Some of the conditions necessary for tomato production are given below,

  • Well- drained soil that provides good infiltration rates of water and air is good for tomato production.
  • The prescribed pH for farming is 5.8-6.6, which can be achieved by the application of lime.
  • Surplus supply of moisture is required for tomato growth before the fruit set, later it will cause cracking of the fruit.
  • Optimal temperature for farming is 60°-90°F. Changes in temperature leads to retarded growth, pollination, and maturation.
  • Tomatoes are warm season crops; therefore, they are planted at an optimum soil temperature after being transplanted at green House for almost 50 to 52 days.
  • After plantation into the soil, fruit starts producing after 40 to 50 days and it takes 20 to 30 days for fruits to mature and become ready for harvest.


Tomato farming is a long and costly procedure as the processes of the plantation, watering, and using heavy machinery require many laborers and funds. These funds cannot be provided by one individual therefore, it is important to collaborate with businessmen and other wealthy individuals to donate hefty funds for the good cause. In the end, it will all circle back and provide good to society.

Tomato Production Proposal Template for Word

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