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Proposal Cover Letter

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I am writing this letter to seek your approval regarding an important matter. Before describing the issue, I want to let you know that I, Ray Fork, have been associated with the ABC store for 2 years.

I am a student in the agriculture department and work part-time at the store to pay my student loans. ABC store is a grocery store and includes all the items that you might need for your home. It also provides racks of crockery and other home essentials to make shopping easy.

My job is to keep an inventory of all the items coming in the store and mention it in my books. The store also provides vegetable and fruit options to the shoppers as they are basic food items.

These vegetables are imported from other countries or other states as they are not grown in our own city or state which is an alarming situation as imported items are very heavily priced, and the citizens have to pay the price at any cost.

Being a researcher in the field of agriculture, I am aware of all the requirements for growing my own vegetables, either in a kitchen garden or in the fields. It is not difficult to grow your own vegetables as it requires the monitoring of only some environmental factors.

A little study of our environment depicts that it is suitable for growing some vegetables if not all which is a very good sign and should be availed to provide ease to the citizens.

Therefore, I am putting forward a proposal for vegetable production in our own city to provide organic produce to our people at nominal rates. Kindly go through my proposal and allow me to start my venture.

Anxiously awaiting your reply

Vegetable production proposal cover letter

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Proposal Template


Vegetable production or vegetable farming is the process of growing edible crops for human consumption. Different parts of crops are used as food such as roots, shoots, fruit, and leaves.

The process of vegetable cultivation can be traced back to ten thousand years ago and it is still increasing each year. Overall, vegetable production is a difficult task and requires intensive efforts from laborers, but it is the highly preferred branch of farming because of its use and worth all around the year.

In food-insecure countries, it is a preferred method to grow their own food and use it to supplement the body’s requirements of minerals, vitamins, and fibers, which play an important role in diet improvement.

Vegetable farming can be done in many ways, but the typical process includes the phenomenon of sowing. Vegetable seeds are used for sowing in the soil and are watered regularly so that they are nourished under the soil and grow. Moreover, vegetable planting includes the process of putting grown seedlings into the soil to help them develop. These seedlings can be grown in greenhouses or laboratories.


Vegetable production is not an easy task as many factors are considered before sowing seeds to ensure a healthy and nutritious crop. Some of these factors are mentioned below,

  • Seed quality plays an important role in defining the nature of a crop as fresh, viable, clean, and good quality seeds lead to successful yield.
  • Every vegetable or food item has a window of the period for growing and sowing. It is crucial to sow the seeds in the required season and climatic conditions.
  • Changes in temperature, nitrogen content, and oxygen level are significant for the growth of crops therefore, seasons and sowing time should be closely monitored.
  • Crop of almost every item is prone to weeds, insect attacks, and other infestations. These attacks can be controlled by the regular application of herbicides and insecticides.


Vegetable production is a tiring process as it spans a period of up to 6 months. Some crops take even longer to grow and develop. Steps taken to harvest a fully cooked crop are mentioned below,

  • Soil or ground is made ready for sowing by plowing it, to make it soft and easy for the plantation
  • Based on the vegetable, either seed are sown, or seedlings are planted in the soil.
  • Each crop is watered according to its requirements. Some crops are watered daily while others are watered on alternate days. Moreover, the amount of water is closely monitored to supply enough water content.
  • After the crops are fully developed and the vegetables are ripe, they are removed and provided to the people for use.


Vegetables are the basic component of the human diet and supplement the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Setting up a vegetable production project can be difficult but following organized objectives will be helpful,

  • Looking out for suitable land for vegetable farming and letting the government know of our venture so that they can provide support.
  • Hiring experienced professionals to guide through the process of seed selection and sowing process.
  • Hiring staff members to carry out the tedious task of working in hot weather and getting their hands dirty.
  • Plowing the fields to make them ready for plantation.
  • Sowing seeds and taking care of the harvest by close monitoring of all environmental factors as well as the nutritional content of the crop.
  • Close observation of the crop to mitigate any insect attack or other issues.
  • Waiting for the growth of crops and harvesting at the appropriate times.
  • Removing vegetables and providing them at the market for locals.
  • Making the field ready for other crops by removing all the remnants of the previous crop either by burning or plowing.


Vegetable farming is a huge project as it is done on a wide scale therefore, it cannot be controlled by one person and requires the efforts of a team.

Plowing and harvesting are done using machines that are very expensive. Daily wages of laborers, water, and other sprayed chemicals make it costly, therefore, it is necessary to have abundant funds.

I wish to collaborate with the businessmen of the city to fund this great venture as it is for the betterment of their area and can also lead to breakthroughs.

Vegetable production proposal template

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