Customer Service Proposal Letter

A customer service proposal letter is a letter prepared by an organization that offers customer services to the client organizations interested in outsourcing the handling of their customers. The addressee (client) is informed about the offers of the organization through this customer service proposal letter. The company tries to market itself to seek business from the client organization.

As the cliché ‘customer is the king’ holds great importance in the business world, the provision of good customer service is essential for maintaining a strong customer base. However, handling and managing customers is a demanding job in itself.

Many organizations have separate customer service departments, while others outsource the task to the service providers. The latter choice helps them in focusing their resources on increasing their overall productivity. In addition, handing over the job of dealing with the customers to the experts, would certainly pay off.

When an organization offers customer services, it seeks contracts from the clients, who want to outsource their customer services. This is, usually, done by approaching the clients through a formal customer service proposal letter. The letter needs to be formal in tone as well as enticing to the client. The information included, however, varies as per the company’s requirements and offerings. The client’s demands may also be a consideration before deciding the content of the letter. Generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date
  • Details of the client organization.
  • Details of the addresser organization.
  • The proposal and business description of the organization.
  • Experience and competitiveness.
  • The offers were proposed to the client.
  • Benefits to the client for signing a contract.
  • Show hope of approval.
  • Gratitude.
  • Salutations and signature.

If the proposal gets accepted, the client holds meetings with the organization and seeks additional information regarding the offers. However, if the client believes that outsourcing the customer services will not yield many benefits, it might decide to reject the proposal and keep managing the customers by itself.

Sample Customer Service Proposal Letter


Dear Ms. Jennifer,

I am writing this letter to propose our services for handling and managing customers of your organization ABC Limited.

We, at XYZ Limited, have been providing customer services to various organizations for a period of over twenty years. Our experience has taught us how to handle even the most difficult customers.

We are attaching the results of different surveys, that have been conducted to gauge customer satisfaction in the organizations, for which we have been providing our customer services. The results clearly indicate that we have been successful in the responsibilities assigned to us, and the customers have felt well-served.

We have researched that you have to handle several customers directly due to your business type, which forces you to hire extra employees and slows down your operations.

By hiring our services, you will be able to save a lot of resources, especially in terms of money and time. By signing a deal, we can get access to your customer details, and we will be able to manage them, sort out their complaints, and build a long-term relationship with them, so to attain their loyalty.

We assure you that within a year’s time, customer satisfaction will reach 90%, which currently stands at 72% according to the recent survey results (attached). In addition, ABC Limited can utilize the saved time to increase its overall efficiency and effectiveness.

We hope to hear a positive response soon. For any inquiries, please contact us at [X].

Looking forward to your reply. Thank you for your consideration.


Sarah Wilson.


Customer service proposal letter