Global Marketing Business Proposal

It is stated that I, Patrick Dempsey, have been associated with ABC company for 10 years. I manage the marketing department of a company with a team of 5 members working under me. We work tirelessly and provide various marketing strategies and solutions to different problems. Work was very good in the company and I was happy with my job but due to merger of ABC company with [X] which has led to change in the policies which have made it impossible to work here.

Therefore, I have decided to resign from my current post and start a business of my own. I have experience and knowledge that will help me survive in the world of marketing. The business idea is that I along with 4 other colleagues from the marketing department will start a marketing firm that will provide the expertise of global marketing. We will serve locally, nationally, and internationally to generate revenue and make our business successful. Over the years, all members of this firm have gained experience in a different manner that will provide added advantage to the firm. Connections made during our services will be activated to draw more clients.

The business proposals for marketing are approved by the XYZ department therefore find attached a brief proposal with this letter and consider the request.


Patrick Dempsey
Marketing Head at ABC


Global marketing is defined as marketing that is spread on a worldwide scale and includes global similarities, differences, and opportunities to achieve global goals. Following global marketing, solutions, products, and services are marketed to the customers on a global level. This sort of marketing can be conducted nationally as well as internationally. Marketing is known as demand opportunity whereas, demand is comprised of willingness to buy and ability to buy. When both willingness and ability combine it leads to the sale of the product. Marketing strategies work to draw the attention of customers towards a specific product but only customers who not only like the product but also possess the ability to buy what they like.

On an international scale, marketing includes the application of marketing rules in another country or across borders. It is important to understand the problem faced, customer choice, and their ability.

International marketing is performed by exporting the products of a company to another country or location, it may also include a joint business venture between companies, different countries, or international companies invest in a project in another country because of the revenue the project will gain or any other reason.

International marketing is required for enhanced marketing of products on an international level. International marketing follows the rules of their own country but can use marketing strategies from another country, export tools, and local product offerings to widen their horizon.


Establishing a firm against the norms of companies is a difficult task. A few marketing firms are operational otherwise companies deal with different clients and to take marketing globally is a much difficult and different task. It can only be achieved by making a list of chores that are needed to be performed.

  • Deciding name and policies for the firm and acting on them
  • Gathering all the members of the firm under one roof
  • Searching for office location to set up the business.
  • Making contacts with all the connections of every member
  • Purchasing all the equipment for the setup to make communication easier.
  • Buying furniture and accessories to furnish an office and looks presentable.
  • Hiring staff members for managing other chores around the office


This business will be solely based on the concept of providing consultancy to people and make their work easier for them. We will be able to provide consultancy to different companies, individuals, government institutes, and non-government organizations. Assistance provided will be reliable, cost-effective, high quality, and for the betterment of everyone.


The new business will have an advantage of senior employees who have been working for 20 years in the field of marketing and is well aware of the business environment in many countries. Knowledge of foreign businesses and their marketing strategies helped us in working upon the idea of global marketing.

  • Market development
  • Business development
  • Sales assistance
  • Market intelligence
  • Channel development
  • Industrial sector analysis

Action Plan

The dynamics of business are changing which also includes a change in the marketing business as well. The old economy has changed to a global new economy that provides:

  • Capital mobility.
  • The tremendous growth of e-commerce
  • New industry structure
  • A new market structure.
  • New company structure
  • Change in customer profiles.

Change in the old economy also made customers become business partners and demand value as compared to solutions.

Keys to success

The success of a business lies in few key points which are as follows,

  • Enhanced selling and marketing power that adds value to the products and increases clients.
  • A successful approach is to convert client knowledge or idea into a physical miracle.
  • By providing attractive services to maintain a specific percentage of clients.
  • Our marketing firm will excel in fulfilling promises made to its clients.
  • Clients do not run after features, rather they are interested in buying benefits, and benefits are obtained through claims and proofs which our company can provide based on their experience and past work.
  • Presenting a management team that has a strong foundation in marketing and finance.
  • Provide high-quality service and client satisfaction.


Every startup requires money until it starts to cash itself out,

  • Rent of the location.
  • Furniture
  • Stationery
  • Legalization process
  • Utilities
  • Snacks
  • Electronic equipment
  • Employees pay.

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies for marketing a marketing firm can be very tricky. Following strategies could work,

  • Emails can be made to elite clients and draw their attention towards the firm.
  • Previous connections can be activated to increase clients.
  • Brochures and fliers can be used to attract clients.


Global Marketing Business Proposal

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