Software Sales Proposal Letter

A software sales proposal letter is a letter, that is prepared by a software development organization, and is addressed to a potential client, to which the company is attempting to sell its software. This letter is, usually, attached with a detailed proposal. It serves as an introduction to the proposal as well as provides an opportunity for the organization to market itself and woo the client to gain the deal. This letter usually sets the basis of the software purchase deal.

In a software sales proposal letter, an organization describes its product and explains how its software can be advantageous to the client. Although the content of this letter may vary as per the client’s requirements, company’s requirements, offers, software innovativeness, cost-effective, etc., generally, the following information is included in a template of a software sales proposal letter:

  • Details of the client.
  • Details of the software development organization.
  • Experience and expertise of the organization.
  • The description of the software, including the cost, functionality, and innovative features.
  • The reason why the client needs the company’s software.
  • Attempts to make a sale.
  • Benefits to the client.
  • Any special offers to the client.
  • Show hope of getting the contract.
  • Assure that the software is worth the money.
  • Show availability for any communication.

When the client receives this letter, he analyses if he needs the software and whether the software will be able to completely fulfill his requirements. If the answer is in the affirmative, he may accept the letter and the proposal, and make the purchase. On the contrary, if he believes that the investment in the software would not give enough benefits, he would formally respond with a rejection letter, which is addressed to the software development organization.

Sample Software Sales Proposal Letter


Dear Ms. Emily,

I am writing this letter to propose to you our one of its kind software, that will smoothen your company’s business expansion into the whole new business line.

We congratulate you for ABC’s growth, and an attempt to reach out to a new lot of customers. However, this can prove to be challenging for your accounts department. When ABC Limited was working at a smaller scale, simple EXCEL sheets have sufficed. Now, when the number and type of customers would increase with your expansion, proper accounting software will become your biggest need.

We are working in the software development industry for over ten years, and we have made ‘innovation at a reasonable price’ our competitive advantage. We have developed an accounting software, that will fulfill all your accounting needs. It is highly reliable (99%) and has a special system of the backup, which is crucial for accounting records. It has the following innovative functions, which you will not be able to find in any of the other software in the market:

  • [X]
  • [Y]
  • [Z]

In addition, we are also offering a special price to ABC Limited, which is $[X]. This is the total cost that you have to bear initially till the software’s deployment. The breakup of the cost, as well as the detailed proposal, is attached with this letter. In addition, we will offer you free service for one year.

We understand that purchasing this software is a heavy investment, but we ensure that it will be worth the purchase. We suggest that you go through the proposal in-depth and let us know if you need any further details at [X].

Looking forward to your positive response. We hope to serve you in the best way possible.

Thank you.


Steven Smith.


Software Sales Proposal Letter