Janitorial Services Proposal

It is respectfully stated that I have been successfully running ABC company for 8 years. ABC is a form of maintenance company that provides different services for citizens and tries to ease their difficulties in a short time. I started this company for a specific area and provided limited services i.e., cable repair, furniture, ground, and other maintenance at homes and offices.

Mostly, services are provided on-call so that residents do not face the trouble of physically leaving their homes and calling a person to help them regarding these issues. In addition, ABC company also provide cleaning services for residential as well as working area. All these services are charged hourly as most people prefer on-call service.

Some people also choose daily cleaning services to maintain their homes and offices each day. All these services are provided through an army of employees who work efficiently and minimize any chances of issues or troubles.

ABC still lacks to provide all types of services to their valued customers, but we are approaching that benchmark slowly. This season, we have decided to add janitorial services on board along with previously mentioned activities. I have designed a proposal for hiring janitors and attached it.

Kindly consider my request at your earliest.


A janitor is a doorkeeper or custodian or cleaner of a building and is responsible for keeping the premises clear.  It is customary for a janitor to know the basics of cleaning and cleaning materials to always maintain cleanliness.

Most of the works performed by janitors are indoors and they seldom take on the duties of security of a building. Their working hours can be diverse, and wages are very low in England as this field is looked down upon greatly. Janitors are responsible for cleaning residential as well as official workplaces. At offices, janitors work during evening shifts when all the offices are empty, and nobody is disturbed.

There are many companies operative in England that provide janitorial services at your doorstep so that you would not have to worry about these problems during regular days. These companies either hire professional janitors at expensive rates to accommodate their clients or hire individuals and train them to serve as a janitor. These individuals are paid less, and the company has fixed pay for them regardless of the workload.

Janitors are responsible for keeping commercial as well as government buildings cleaned up to the satisfaction of their clients. Janitorial services are largely based on the use of highly efficient equipment in crowded areas such as cafeterias, restrooms, and parking spaces. All trained workers are fully competent in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.


Several services are provided by janitors, but their major service is to maintain cleanliness at workplaces. Some of the services offered by janitors are given below,

  • Mopping, sweeping, and cleaning floors
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Cleaning sanitary appliances
  • Empty trash, plastic, and recycling bins
  • Unlocking and locking buildings when required
  • Restocking bathrooms with essential accessories
  • Polishing and scrubbing of toilets and urinals
  • Cleaning tables of offices and other furniture
  • Restocking tissue papers and stationery items in offices
  • Maintaining security and fire alarms of building to avoid incidents
  • Cleaning air conditioner vents
  • Cleaning drainage pipes and taking care of its trash


Cleaning any surface or items require specialized products that can only be used on one type of material. Janitors have to work on a number of products to make sure they perform a good cleaning job. Some of the products used by them are given below,

  • Disinfectants
  • Sterilizers
  • Toilet cleaners
  • De-greasing agents
  • Wax products
  • Furniture polishing products
  • Floor cleaners
  • Drain cleaners
  • Removers

Action Plan

Opening another service to the people requires a lot of hard work but it generates revenue and keeps the work floating. The action plan for recruiting janitors is as follows,

  • Advertising proposals at different locations and platforms i.e., social media, newspapers, TV, and radio.
  • Receiving applications for a specific period.
  • Conducting mock trials to evaluate the performance of each applicant.
  • Making decisions regarding hiring and performing background checks.
  • Providing essential training to all janitors to bring uniformity.
Janitorial services proposal template