Proposal Letter for Training and Development

A proposal letter for training and development is a letter, that is written by an HR manager or the HR representative, and is addressed to the CEO or employer of the organization. In this letter, the manager discusses the importance of the training and development and highlights the organization’s need for having such sessions. In addition, an attempt is also made to convince the employer, to make the investment in the employees, by stating the associated benefits.

When this letter is written, its content can vary as per the company policies, details of the training and development sessions, training needs of the company, etc.  The letter has some key points that must be added to make it professional and worth reading.

  • The description of the training and development workshop/sessions, including charges, trainer, duration, etc.
  • Need for the training and development.
  • Reference to the company values and beliefs.
  • Convincing statements.
  • Benefits to the company.
  • Mention any attached documents.
  • Seek approval.

This letter is, usually, attached with a detailed proposal that provides comprehensive information about what is being suggested regarding the training and development of the employees. When an employer receives this letter, he analyses it, along with the proposal, and if he believes in its feasibility and effectiveness for the organization, he will approve the proposal and release the funds for the training and development of the employees. However, if he is not convinced through the content of this letter, he would temporarily or permanently reject the proposal straight away.

Sample Proposal Letter for Training and Development


Dear Ms. Martha,

I am writing this letter to propose a training and development workshop for improving the team working skills of our employees.

As our company [ABC Limited] believes that our employees are our assets, and the money spent on them is an investment, which will give returns in the future, their constant training and development programs are necessary to maintain their skills and increase their productivity. The current fast-paced era demands a continuous addition to the skillsets of the employees, which is only possible if we, as employers, keep on investing in their training and development.

Being an HR manager, I have often observed that the team working skills of our employees need improvement. They need to be taught that a successful task is only accomplished when everybody’s expertise is involved, and the credit belongs to the team, not an individual.

Considering these observations, I have designed three training and development sessions that will be spread over a three-week period, one day every week. The sessions would be held on Saturdays and will be a five-hour workshop. It will start from 1st August, 20XX, and end on 21st August 20XX. I have approached a well-known consultant of the industry to conduct these sessions. His credentials are attached to this letter. The total cost will be $[AMOUNT]. The detailed proposal is attached to this letter.

I believe that, after these sessions, the team-working skills of our employees would be polished, and the overall productivity will increase as well, due to less leg-pulling and work politics. I would also like to suggest that the rewards and motivational system of our company should be more group-based rather than individual-based.

Please let me know at [TEXT] if you need any other information. I am seeking your approval to make further arrangements. Kindly, respond back soon.

Thank you.


Jennifer David.


Proposal Letter for Training and Development